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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Global Endoscopy Market (2012- 2016) by Product, Application & Technology

Global endoscopy market is broadly segmented into the following product categories; rigid endoscopes, flexible endoscopes, endoscopy visualization systems, endoscopic ultrasounds, endoscopy fluid management systems and endoscope accessories. Introduction of new, but expensive technologies such as HD cameras, 3DHD systems, HDTV three-chip systems, Narrow Band Imaging, Capsule Endoscopy, Natural Orifice Transluminal Endoscopic Surgery (NOTES), Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS), Mucosal Ablation Therapy, Robotic Endoscopes, etc. are expected to drive the global endoscopy market for the coming five years.

Flexible endoscopes and endoscopy visualization systems are two prominent product segments which are currently driving the global endoscopy market. For the coming five years, endoscope accessories, flexible endoscopes and endoscopy visualization systems will witness a growth rate of 15.2%, 10% & 10% respectively while demand for rigid endoscope will remain steady and will register a growth rate of 3.5%. Endoscopy visualization systems will witness an upsurge in demand due to introduction of 3DHD systems, HD cameras and with increased adoption of HDTV three-chip systems by the hospitals. Endoscopic accessories product segment will continue to register strong growth due to incessant launch of new endoscopic accessories. The reusable accessories market is also slated to rebound from its decline as more physicians discontinue purchasing disposables accessories and renew purchases of reusable accessories.

Narrow Band Imaging (NBI), NOTES, Pill Cam, PACS, Mucosal Ablation Therapy and Robotic Endoscopes are the prominent technologies that are currently driving the global endoscopy market. North America is currently leading the global endoscopy market in terms of technology. In the next five years, North America is further expected to lead the endoscopy market in terms of technology adoption & its usage by the endoscopists/surgeons. The North American market is followed by the Japanese market, which has always been on the forefront in terms of technology. Europe is expected to follow the North American & Japanese trend. Rate of technology development & adoption has always been low in the Asian countries. Similar trend is expected to be continued for the coming 5 years in the Asian region.

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