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Friday, 26 October 2012

Research on China Vehicle Retarders Industry Market to 2012-2016

In China, the main passenger car used retarders are eddy current retarder and hydrodynamic retarder. Domestic eddy current retarders are mostly concentrated in the low-end market and have many problems such as rough processing craft, serious rotor thermal deformation, less strict rotor dynamic balancing control and short lift of the retarder. And Telma, Voith and other foreign-funded enterprises occupy the medium and high-end retarder market.

With the increase of localization of foreign products, the product line will extend downward; while domestic enterprises started to enter the high-end product market; the competitions between China and foreign countries become fiercer, especially in the medium-end retarder market.

With the rapid development of China’s automobile industry and the put forward of national relevant policies, vehicle retarder industry developed continuously. Compared with European and American countries, China’s vehicle retarders mainly are used in medium and large-size passenger cars; while the heavy-duty truck retarder market is almost blank. In 2012, with the introduction of new version of National Standards, truck retarder market will be opened.

As for the technology aspect, eddy current retarders are common in China’s market at present, accounting for 80% of the market share, and mainly used for medium and large-size passenger cars; while hydrodynamic retarders occupy about 20% of the market share and have obvious performance in trucks.

Table of Contents

1. Overview of China’s Vehicle Retarder Products
1.1 Product Definition, Property and Application Features
1.1.1 Definition
1.1.2 Variety
1.1.3 Property and Application Features
1.2 Development History

2. Environment of Foreign Vehicle Retarder Market

3. Environment of China’s Vehicle Retarder Market
3.1 China’s Economic Development Environment
3.1.1 GDP
3.1.2 Investment in the Fixed Assets
3.1.3 Import and Export Trade
3.1.4 Forecast of China’s Macroeconomic Development
3.2 Industrial Relevant Policies, Laws and Regulations

4. Development of China’s Vehicle Retarder Industry
4.1 Market Status Quo
4.2 Output from 2009 to 2011
4.2.1 Overall Industrial Production Capacity Scale
4.2.2 Distribution of Producing Areas
4.3 Market Demand
4.3.1 Demand Characteristics in China
4.3.2 Main Area Distribution
4.4 Price Trend

5. Current Development Features of Vehicle Retarder

6. Technological Development of China’s Vehicle Retarder Products
6.1 Development Status Quo
6.2 Technological Gap between China and Foreign Countries and the Main Factors
6.3 Strategies for Improving China’s Technology

7. Main Enterprises of China’s Vehicle Retarder Industry
7.1 Shenzhen Terca Technology Co., Ltd.
7.2 Telma Automobile Brake System (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
7.3 Voith Turbo (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
7.4 Ruili Group (SORL)
7.5 Jiaxing City Newman Machinery Co., Ltd.

8. Future Development and Investment Prospect of China’s Vehicle Retarder Industry
8.1 Future Development Trend
8.2 Operation Forecast from 2012 to 2016

9. Investment Suggestions and Opinions from Industrial Experts
9.1 SWOT
9.1.1 Opportunities
9.1.2 Threats
9.1.3 Strength and Weakness
9.2 Enter and Exist Situation
9.2.1 Entry Barriers
9.2.2 Exist Situation
9.3 Substitutes

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