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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Research on Outdoor Advertising Industry in China, 2012-2016

China Outdoor Advertising Industry develops rapidly and competes fiercely; products category are rich and new technology & new materials are widely used. So far, there are 60,000 enterprises among which 98% are private enterprises. Recently years, outdoor digital media network has fully developed because of the clear property right and less government intervention. Outdoor digital media network drives the development of China outdoor advertising industry. The networked and scalization of outdoor media develop rapidly.

In 2011, JCDecaux, Focus Media, Visionchina Media and other key outdoor medias are processing more and more media resource. Focus Media transfers its business to more cities; Visionchina Media obtains more subway lines video media resources. However, this kind of media expanding still belongs to small scale and is too weak to change the original market structure. The key media enterprises still rely on the existing media resource to increase business performance. For the key outdoor media enterprises, the year of 2011 is a harvest year, for their ad revenue has a great raise year-on-year.With the development of technology and outdoor advertising, people’s requirements for outdoor media are becoming higher and higher. Traditional guideboard, light box, single column display and neon cannot satisfy audience’s needs. Outdoor advertising competition will focus on brand value, customer management and professional quality. As a result, LED emerges. The large scale LED display screen is the perfection combination of technology and media. It is LED that can practice the conception and will be the development trend of outdoor advertising media in the future.

Table of Contents

1. Development Analysis of International Outdoor Advertising Industry
1.1 Development of International Advertising Industry
1.1.1 Operating Status
1.1.2 Ranking
1.1.3 Development Status
1.2 Market Conditions of International Outdoor Advertising Industry
1.2.1 Development Status Quo
1.2.2 Development Trend
1.2.3 Market Demand Analysis
1.2.4 Development Opportunity
1.3 Development of Outdoor Advertising Industry by Countries and Regions
1.3.1 USA
1.3.2 Europe
1.3.3 Japan
1.3.4 South Korea

2. Development Status Quo of China Outdoor Advertising Industry
2.1 Development Overview of China Outdoor Advertising Industry
2.1.1 Development History
2.1.2 Product Category
2.1.3 Industry Integration Analysis
2.1.4 Outdoor Advertising Advantages in the Cross-sectors Cooperation
2.2 Market Condition of China Outdoor Advertising Industry
2.2.1 Development Overview
2.2.2 Development Analysis
2.2.3 Market Characteristics Analysis
2.2.4 Market Development Analysis
2.3 Demand Analysis of China Outdoor Advertising Industry
2.3.1 Market Demand Analysis
2.3.2 Customers’ New Requirements for Outdoor Advertising
2.4 Industry SWOT Analysis
2.4.1 Strength
2.4.2 Weakness
2.4.3 Opportunity
2.4.4 Threat

3. Outdoor Ad Audience and Serving Analysis of China Outdoor Advertising Industry
3.1 Reasons and Characteristics of Outdoor Ad Serving
3.2 Audience Analysis
3.3 Influencing Factors Analysis

4. Development Analysis of Main Forms of Outdoor Advertisement
4.1 Billboard Advertisement
4.2 Neon-light Advertisement
4.2.1 Overview
4.2.2 Color Value and Function of Neon-light
4.2.3 Quality Analysis of Neon-light Billboard
4.2.4 Market Prospect of Neon-light Advertisement
4.3 Light Box Advertisement
4.3.1 The Conception
4.3.2 The Type
4.3.3 The Characteristic and Manufacturing Technology
4.3.4 Process Requirements for Light Box Advertisements Design
4.3.5 Status Quo and Development Trend
4.4 Public Transport Advertising
4.4.1 Introduction
4.4.2 Overview of Vehicle Graphics
4.4.3 The Foreign Snatch Public Transport Advertising Market
4.4.4 Vehicle Graphics need Regularization
4.4.5 Market Analysis of Subway Outdoor Digital Advertisements
4.4.6 Status Quo Analysis of Public Transport Advertising Agency
4.5 Outdoor TV Advertisements
4.5.1 Market Situation
4.5.2 Industry Rise
4.5.3 Marketing Tools Analysis
4.5.4 The Coming Shuffle
4.5.5 Market Analysis of Public Transport Mobile TV Advertisements
4.6 Airport Outdoor Advertisements
4.6.1 Statue Quo
4.6.2 Characteristics
4.6.3 Development Trends
4.6.4 Airports Media Need Industry Rational Competition
4.7 Prismatic Display Advertisements
4.7.1 Introduction of Prismatic Display Billboard
4.7.2 Industry Statue Quo
4.7.3 Industry Competition Situation
4.8 Other Forms of Outdoor Advertisements
4.8.1 POP Advertisement Analysis
4.8.2 The Strength of Hot-air Balloon Advertisement
4.8.3 The Strength of Wall Advertisement in the Rural Market
4.8.4 Community Advertisement

5. Regional Market Analysis of Outdoor Advertising Industry in China
5.1 Outdoor Advertisements Serving in the First-tier Cities
5.2 Outdoor Advertisements Serving in the Second-tier Cities
5.3 Outdoor Advertisements Serving in the Third-tier Cities

6. Investment Prospects Analysis of Outdoor Advertising Industry
6.1 Subway Advertisements Contains Unlimited Business Opportunities
6.2 LED Electronic Screen Outdoor Advertising Media Became the Development Trend

7. Competition Pattern Analysis of Outdoor Advertising Industry
7.1 Concentration Analysis
7.2 Competition Pattern Analysis
7.3 Development Trends of Competition Pattern

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