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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Poland In Vitro Diagnostics Industry Market to 2012

Evaluate growth prospects in the Polish laboratory diagnostics market
Report features forecasts to 2016 for in vitro products and services

The IVD market in Poland has experienced growth due to technological advances and increased health awareness among Polish healthcare consumers. As a result, certain categories of tests have become routine procedures, and service providers, mainly large laboratory chains and testing centres, have expanded across the country and are likely to continue to do so in the coming years.

In order to keep track of newly emerging segments and industry-leading businesses, suppliers and competitors active in this market find In vitro diagnostics market in Poland 2012, Development forecasts for 2012-2016, a publication prepared by the experts at PMR, to be an indispensible source of data and analysis when planning operations and sourcing new opportunities.

This groundbreaking document examines the market in its entirety and evaluates its many segments: clinical chemistry, immunochemistry, diabetes testing products and equipment, haematology/histology/cytology, microbiology and molecular diagnostics. It offers data designed to track import and export activity from 2005 thru Q1 2012, in addition to expertly calculated forecasts for the period to 2016.

The report presents information on consumer habits such as the frequency of cytology, glucose testing or monitoring of blood cholesterol, and the amount of money most are willing to spend on such services. It provides demographic and epidemiological assessments along with reliability and quality ratings for tests administered at Polish centres and processed at diagnostic laboratories.

The document also presents profiles of leading corporations engaged in market activity, from IVD reagents and equipment manufacturers to chain laboratories. It provides total numbers of testing centres and labs operated by the market’s most influential companies, offers details on outsourcing within the industry and reports on the specific types of testing performed by the key operators. Finally, the report highlights the potential for substantial tenders and names the manufacturers to which these contracts are most often awarded.

Potential new entries to this market as well as established enterprises will benefit from knowledge of the highest value segments, most-manufactured products and trends poised to influence the growth of the Polish IVD market in both positive and negative ways during the forecast period. They will appreciate the report’s analytical approach to supplying data and analysis on the various segments and categories of this complex marketplace.

Table Of contents

I. Report methodology p. 9
II. Executive summary p. 13
III. Overview of the in vitro diagnostics market in Poland p. 17
IV. Analysis of individual segments of the IVD market p. 37
V. Key players in the IVD market in Poland p. 57
VI. Medical diagnostic laboratories p. 109
VII. Consumer behaviour and expenditure on tests p. 133
VIII. Legal environment p. 149
IX. Demographic and epidemiological trends p. 157
X. List of graphs p. 163
XI. List of tables p. 169
XII. About PMR p. 171
XIII. Contact PMR p. 172

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