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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

US Food and Beverage Vending Trends Market Industry Report

While food and beverage vending has suffered from years of significant sales declines, Packaged Packs believes the industry is turning the corner. We forecast 1.5% market growth in 2015, on the heels of vending machine innovation that promises higher food and beverage quality, increased consumer interaction, increased cashless payment acceptance, and more aggressive competition with foodservice.

Technological innovation holds the keys to future growth. Social and interactive vending, touchscreens, and wireless supply-side networking are a big part of the equation, offering tremendous upside for consumer engagement. But virtually every vending macro driver is heavily influenced by technological change, from cashless payments to health and quality vending enhancements. And while the strength of vending lies in snacking convenience, growth will come from delivering health, freshness and quality. Sales of fresh food are growing, and natural vending solutions bring the promise of higher-quality, higher-status food and drink to the market.

Food and Beverage Vending Trends in the U.S provides industry participants with the wealth of analysis and guidance they need to stay abreast of trends shaping this evolving market. Report coverage includes market sizing and forecast for U.S. food and beverage vending as well as analysis of the following market drivers:

- Consumer vending expenditure trending analysis; snack-driven consumer spend share analysis; vending product segment sales trending; snack/confectionary product sales leadership trends; and vending location trends.
- Macro trends shaping food and beverage vending, including converging technological applications; health, freshness and quality; cashless payments, and snacking.
- Food and beverage vending competition: office coffee service; coffee pods/k-cups; micromarkets; restaurants; and convenience stores.
- Food and beverage machine vending usage and selected purchases: comparing usage of vending machines for food/drink with usage of fast food restaurants, family restaurants, casual restaurants, coffeehouse/donut shop/yogurt place/smoothie places, and convenience stores; and assessing purchases of chocolate candy, cereal bars, nutrition bars and ice cream by channel and demographic assessment of vending machine users.
- Vending usage motivators: assessing whether consumers would use vending machines more often if offered additional products and/or services. Variables discussed include healthy food options; convenient location; credit/debit card acceptance; coffee and coffee drink quality; and tea drink variety and quality. Demographic analysis and filtering is conducted according to vending users and non-users, convenience store prepared food users, and snack/beverage store users.
- Vending and refreshment programs and strategies at ARAMARK Corp and Canteen Vending Services Inc.

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: Executive Summary
Report Scope
Market Size and Forecast
Macro Trends Shaping Food and Beverage Vending
Competitive Context
Vending Machine Food Usage
Consumer Vending Usage Motivators
Food and Beverage Vending Contractors
Chapter 2: Market Size and Forecast
Summary analysis
Market size and forecast
Chapter 3: Macro Trends Shaping Food and Beverage Vending
Summary analysis
Reinventing the vending machine
But the presence of technology does not equate to quick uptake
Pepsi interactive vending machine off the ground
Gifting option
Random Acts of Refreshment?
Pilot program off the ground
Coca-Cola Interactive Vender in testing stage
Coca-Cola Freestyle
EatWave Vending goes hot and cold
Health & Quality
Chapter 4: Competitive Context
Summary analysis
Office coffee service
Where coffee is king
Chapter 5: Vending Machine Food Usage
Summary analysis
Vending usage in context
Vending food and beverage choices
Vending machine usage in context: a competitive foodservice field
But vending machines hold their own against convenience stores
Women provide health and wellness opportunity
Chapter 6: Consumer Vending Usage Motivators
Summary analysis
Incent with health
Debit and credit
Coffee and tea
Convenience store/gas station prepared foods users & snack/beverage store users
Yes, more healthy options
Give me convenience
Ditch cash and coin
Coffee and tea
Chapter 7: Food and Beverage Vending Contractors
Summary analysis
Canteen Vending Services Inc.
Foodservice operations
Key North American sectors
ARAMARK Refreshment Services
RefreshSTYLES Area D├ęcor
Breakroom promotional tools
Customizing health: Just4U for Vending
Convenience stores & vending
Filterfresh acquisition
Waste-to-Energy and Terracycle sustainability initiatives
Small business service innovation
Giving clients choices
Equipment upgrades help drive bottom line
On-site foodservice
Event catering
Strategy: Workplace Productivity, Value-Added Services, Contract Design
Workplace productivity
Canteen Vending Services Inc.
Compass Group PLC
Compass Group North America (CGNA)
Foodservice strategy
Room for growth
It Takes You - Eat Local
Leveraging role of single-source provider
Key North American sectors
Canteen Vending
Canteen Office Coffee Service
Canteen's aggressive acquisition path
Coffee Distributing Corp brings strong northeast office presence

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