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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Drug Delivery: Surveying the Global Competitive Landscape

Drug Delivery: Surveying the global competitive landscape is a new (March 2013) richly-detailed report which examines, in depth, 106 leading and emerging specialist drug delivery companies. The report covers all major technology areas including controlled-release, nucleic acid, nano-enabled and targeted delivery.

The importance of drug-delivery technology grows ever more apparent and commercial and pharma industry interest continues to build. The new biologic products which are coming to market are widening the demand for novel delivery targeted mechanisms. Controlled-release technologies continue to play a crucial role in a product’s life-cycle and the pharma industry is able to extend patent protection and preserve revenues.

The emerging biosimilars market offers great potential for developers of targeted delivery as a range of high-value brands such as Roche’s Herceptin and Avastin will be subject to patent challenges in the coming years. With many biosimilars planned or already in development around the world, the need for novel delivery mechanisms will increase.

This report provides you with key data for each company.

- Company Overview & Technology Focus
- Key Personnel
- Key Milestones
- Products/Technologies
- Research Activities
- Key Agreements & Alliances
- Financial Data (where available)
- Contact Details

The ability to readily assess the companies involved, compare areas of research interest, profile products being developed, identify strategic collaborations and evaluate performance/funding is key to understanding this market. In 716 information-packed pages, this new report Drug Delivery: Surveying the global competitive landscape (published March 2013) evaluates companies large and small from multinationals to specialist development and technology organisations.

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