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Monday, 8 April 2013

Production and Market of Glucono-delta-lactone in China

In 2012, China is still an important glucono-delta-lactone (GDL) production country in the world. From 2008 to 2010, domestic GDL industry had been affected by decreasing demand as a result of global financial crisis and domestic food safety problem. Since 2011, domestic GDL industry has seen a significant recovery. Some producers have been washed out due to losses, while some have expanded their production capacity. In this report, you can find out the latest production situation of GDL in China.

There are about nine active GDL producers nationwide in 2012 with the total output of GDL reaching about 18,500 tonnes. Among them, Anhui Xingzhou Medicine Food Co., Ltd. is the largest producer at present. What is the latest information about the producers in China? Meanwhile, food industry is the biggest consumption field of GDL in China. So what is the latest consumption pattern of GDL in China?

Additionally, the major production technology of GDL is fermentation method. However, current fermentation method in China still causes some pollutants. The stricter domestic environmental policy will lead to higher production cost at domestic producers in consideration of the high waste treatment cost. What is the development trend of domestic production technology of GDL?

Apart from the aspects mentioned above, what other changes in GDL industry can be seen from 2008 to 2012? What is the overall development trend of GDL industry in China in the future? You can find the answers in this report.

This report combines CCM’s expertise in GDL market research. Highlights of this report are listed as follows:

- Historical development of GDL industry in China
- Production situation in China
- Analysis of production technology
- Description on consumption pattern, apparent consumption and application fields
- Forecast on supply and demand of GDL in China, 2013-2017

Table of Content

Executive Summary 1
Introduction and Methodology 2
1 Historical development of glucono-delta-lactone industry in China 4
1.1 Brief introduction to glucono-delta-lactone 4
1.2 Historical development in China 4
2 Supply and demand of glucono-delta-lactone in China 6
2.1 Current production situation 6
2.1.1 Summary of production 6
2.1.2 Producer information in China 6
2.2 Raw material supply 9
2.3 Price 11
2.4 Consumption situation in China, 2012 12
2.4.1 Consumption pattern of glucono-delta-lactone in China 12
2.4.2 Application situation in major end use segments 13 Consumption in bean curd 13 Consumption in meat products 14 Consumption in raising agents 16 Consumption in other fields 17
3 Production technology of glucono-delta-lactone 19
3.1 Different pathways/methods 19
3.1.1 Fermentation method 19
3.2 Research status 22
4 Forecast on development of glucono-delta-lactone in China 23
4.1 Drivers 23
4.2 Barriers 25
4.3 Forecast on output and demand in China, 2013-2017 26
5 Conclusion, opportunities and recommendation 29
6 Profile 30
6.1 Anhui Xingzhou Medicine Food Co., Ltd. 30
6.2 Shandong Kaison Biochemical Co., Ltd. 30
6.3 Jiangxi Xinhuanghai Medicine Food Chemical Co., Ltd. 31
6.4 Zhangshu Guanyi Food Additive Co., Ltd. 31
6.5 Jiangsu Changzhou Zhuoyun Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. 32
6.6 Zhejiang Tianyi Food Additive Co., Ltd. 33
6.7 Jiangxi Hugan Medicine Co., Ltd. 33
6.8 Jiangxi Xin'ganjiang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 34
6.9 Qingdao Kehai Biochemistry Co., Ltd. 34
List Of Tables
Table 1.1-1 Product description of GDL
Table 2.1.2-1 Basic information about major GDL producers in China, 2012
Table 2.1.2-2 Capacity and output of GDL producers in China, 2008-2013
Table 2.1.2-3 Product specification and raw material of major GDL producers in China, 2012
Table 2.3-1 Quotation of food grade GDL from some major producers in China, Jan. 2013
Table 3.1.1-1 Comparison among fermentation methods for GDL production in China, 2012
Table 6.1-1 GDL production situation of Anhui Xingzhou, 2010-2013
Table 6.2-1 GDL production situation of Shandong Kaison, 2010-2013
Table 6.3-1 GDL production situation of Jiangxi Xinhuanghai, 2010-2013
Table 6.4-1 GDL production situation of Zhangshu Guanyi, 2010-2013
Table 6.5-1 GDL production situation of Jiangsu Zhuoyun, 2010-2013
Table 6.6-1 GDL production situation of Zhejiang Tianyi, 2010-2013
Table 6.7-1 GDL production situation of Jiangxi Hugan, 2010-2013
Table 6.8-1 GDL production situation of Xin'ganjiang, 2010-2013
Table 6.9-1 GDL production situation of Qingdao Kehai, 2010-2013
List Of Figures
Figure 1.1-1 Chemical structural formula of GDL
Figure 2.1.1-1 Production situation of GDL in China, 2008-2012
Figure 2.2-1 Capacity share of GDL with different raw materials in China, Jan. 2013
Figure 2.2-2 Production situation of glucose monohydrate in China, 2008-2012
Figure 2.2-3 Production situation of corn starch in China, 2008-2012
Figure 2.3-1 Average ex-works price of GDL and glucose monohydrate in China, 2003-2012
Figure 2.4.1-1 Apparent consumption volume of GDL in China, 2008-2012
Figure 2.4.1-2 Consumption pattern of GDL in China, 2012
Figure Bean curd output in China, 2008-2012
Figure Consumption volume of GDL in bean curd in China, 2008-2012
Figure Output of meat products in China, 2008-2012
Figure Consumption volume of GDL in meat products in China, 2008-2012
Figure Bread output in China, 2008-2012
Figure Consumption volume of GDL in raising agents in China, 2008-2012
Figure 3.1.1-1 Flowchart of direct fermentation process—screening strain process in China
Figure 3.1.1-2 Flowchart of direct fermentation process in China
Figure 3.1.1-3 Flowchart of calcium salt method process in China
Figure 3.1.1-4 Flowchart of sodium salt method process in China
Figure 4.1-1 GDP change in China, 2007-2012
Figure 4.1-2 Production value of food manufacturing industry in China, 2007-2012
Figure 4.2-1 CPI in China, 2010-2012
Figure 4.3-1 Forecast on GDL production in China, 2013-2017
Figure 4.3-2 Forecast on GDL consumption in China, 2013-2017, tonne
Figure 4.3-3 Forecast on Consumption pattern of GDL in China, 2017

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