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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Russia and Venezuela Financial Cards and Payments Report

Euromonitor International’s Financial Cards and Payments in Russia report establishes the size and structure of the market for ATMs cards, smart cards, credit cards, debit cards, charge cards, pre-paid cards and store cards. It looks at key players in the market (issuers and operators), number of cards in circulation, numbers transactions and value of transactions. It offers strategic analysis of sector forecasts and trends to watch.

Financial Cards and Payments in Russia

Despite strong growth over the review period, the credit market in Russia is expected to feel the effects of a less certain economic outlook. The Russian economy entered 2013 on a positive note with high consumer confidence; however, activity then began to slow down. This was strongly influenced by waning demand from Europe for commodities, slowing growth in China and sluggish economic activity globally. In this climate, both the government and banks had increasing concerns about the stability.

Financial Cards and Payments in Venezuela

The loss of purchasing power caused by lagging wages and high inflation rates is forcing Venezuelan consumers to change not only their consumption habits but also their choice of payment medium and debt management. More of the household income goes toward purchases of food, shelter and basic services prompted by budgets eroded by persistent inflation. More consumers compare prices and are willing to sacrifice quality for price. Under this scenario, brand replacement, a shift from contract to.

Table of Content

Executive Summary
Financial Uncertainty Expected To Slow Growth
Spending at Odds With Economic Reality
State-led Banking System
Cbr To Curb Lending Growth
Cards To Replace Cash
Key Trends and Developments
Financial Cards Benefit From Economic Growth and Regulations
Market Indicators
Summary 1 Research Sources
Alfa-bank Oao in Financial Cards and Payments (Russia & Venezuela)
Strategic Direction
Key Facts

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