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Monday, 15 April 2013

Slovakia Construction sector Market 2013 by RnR Market Research

Growth trend is indicated in Slovakia’s construction sector.
Recovery offers opportunities in various segments from 2013-2015

In 2011, the non-residential construction industry in Slovakia demonstrated enough growth to indicate a trend toward recovery, mostly due to an uptick in the number of industrial and logistics-oriented projects. Business professionals can now examine the latest data and analysis while learning more about the projects and participants fueling the construction sector in Slovakia. They can use the information to plan business activity, target new markets and keep track of the investors and developers generating the recovery.

What is the most comprehensive and reliable source of business intelligence for this market information? Construction sector in Slovakia 2013, Development forecasts for 2013-2015, a PMR publication, offers a window into the values, conditions and prospects for the residential, non-residential and civil engineering segments of the market leading to unmistakable opportunity.

The report provides in-depth analysis prepared by experienced professionals on salient issues such as wage, price and employment levels, the financial performance of top companies, and factors that have exerted a major influence on recent market development and promise to affect growth in the future, such as noteworthy trends and market events. It examines each of the Slovakian construction sector’s three main segments in detail and evaluates the prospects for future development, particularly in the area of civil engineering construction, where government involvement has the potential to change and stimulate market conditions.

This document contains information obtained from corporate participants, including major contractors and building materials producers, describing important projects and activities that create a clear picture of the competitive environment as it exists in Slovakian construction. It contains answers to questions about market value, growth rates, differences in these numbers between the three main segments, evolution of construction prices in Slovakia and the most valuable and in-demand building materials currently in use. Two very useful databases have been added in Excel format: a directory of the top 100 companies and a spreadsheet of data on the 100 most significant projects planned in Slovakia.

The report discusses financing methods for different types of construction projects, with an emphasis on the country’s transportation infrastructure, and investigates the activities of commercial developers in terms of projects planned and currently underway. It examines government plans for infrastructure expansions and upgrades and evaluates Slovakia’s leading construction companies in terms of their earnings and the value, the significance and quantity of major projects obtained recently and scheduled for the coming two-year period.

Construction sector in Slovakia 2013, Development forecasts for 2013-2015 is an essential read and reference tool for companies seeking to locate opportunity in this market or already competing in the industry. Business planners will consult this document often when estimating revenue, conducting competition research and assessing demand for construction related products and services in the Slovakian market. It is also valuable for market researchers, analysts, financial and investment planners and governmental and educational institutions.

Table Of Contents

Methodology 7
Executive summary 9
Macroeconomic overview 13
Construction overview 27
Civil engineering construction 39
Non-residential construction 55
Residential construction 69
Competitive environment 81
List of graphs 89
List of tables 91
About PMR 93

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