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Friday, 5 April 2013

Suvorexant Comprehensive patent, SPC, and data exclusivity 44 country coverage

Used by the worlds leading generic pharmaceutical companies and legal teams, Pipeline Developer minimises the risk of wasted developments or legal action, by providing you with nothing less than the very best in comprehensive patent information. Searched and analysed by highly trained, dedicated staff using sophisticated searching techniques, Pipeline Developer delivers results you can rely on. And that means your staff can concentrate on how the patent landscape affects your business, rather than trying to source reliable patent information.

This Pipeline Selector report covers Suvorexant

- Suvorexant indications:  Treatment of insomnia
- Suvorexant innovator: Merck (Suvorexant)

Pipeline Developer features:

- Comprehensive patent searching, covering the world’s key territories (see ‘search coverage’ below)
- Identifies patents covering molecule, formulation, process, use, combination and assay techniques  (see ‘Patent Categories Identified’below)
- Patent identification, categorisation and interpretation
- Grouped by patent family and assigned to development categories based on Interpretation of key aspects of the patent claims
- Manual filtration of patents not relevant to generic development
- Updated on a monthly basis, including changes to patent families, statuses, and litigation
- Enables fast analysis and verification by hyper-linking to crucial patent documents and national registers

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Patent Categories Identified:

Molecular Form
- Molecule Patents
- Salts, Hydrates & Solvates
- Polymorphic Forms
- Other Molecular Forms
Active Ingredient Preparation
- Intermediates & Preparation Thereof
- Final Synthetic Stages
- Complete Synthesis
- Purification Methods
- Fermentation Methods
- Biotechnology
Formulations & Methods Thereof
- General Formulations & Methods
- Injectable Formulations
- Oral Formulations
- Other Administration-Specific Formulations
- Excipients, Kits & Packaging
Related Medical Use & Administration
- New Use Related to Main Indication
- Dosing Regimen/Administration Conditions
Active Ingredient Combinations
- Novel Combinations
- Use of Combinations
- Dosing Regimen & Administration Conditions for Combinations
Analytical Methods
- Assaying Methods
- Methods of Determining Patient Suitability

Search coverage:
Clicking on a patent family displays detailed information on the ‘Core’ and ‘Non-Core’ ‘Patent Family Equivalents’. ‘Core Patent Family Equivalents’ are equivalent patents from territories that are individually verified and monitored for changes, including British, German, Spanish, French, US, Canadian, Australian, European, and PCT patents. Statuses are also monitored and updated. ‘Extended Patent Family Equivalents’ are equivalent patents found through the INPADOC database, increasing the search coverage to 70 countries.

Patent and national register access:
Clicking on a listed patent/application number or text or image link will launch a pop-up window containing an image of the patent, enabling easy analysis of the patent documents. Clicking on a register link launches a pop-up window with the patent office register extract for that patent. This allows investigation into the examination status of a pending patent, opposition of a granted patent and/or payment of maintenance fees. Please note that no extra charges apply to accessing or downloading documents of any kind.

Litigation alerts:
Informing you of developments in court, litigation alerts can also be accessed by clicking on the litigation symbol next to the status, with links to judgements where available.

To take the time and hassle out of monitoring and updating a large number of patents, all Pipeline Developer reporting is updated on a monthly basis. Convenient change flags identify new patent families, new patent family members, changes in statuses and litigation alerts.

Legal status and transaction history:
You can also find legal status and transaction history for ‘Extended Patent Family Equivalents’ by clicking on the INPADOC Family/Legal Status button for 65 additional territories.

Reporting and access:
All data can be exported into Microsoft Excel and print friendly versions for ease of data manipulation and reporting. Company details are confidential and all data is SSL secure. Five users per company are permitted and access levels are controlled by a nominated ‘company administrator’.
Pipeline Developer is just one of the benchmark products from GenericsWeb’s Pipeline Patent Intelligence product suite.

General Drug Information
Information contained in ‘General Indications’ and ‘Brand Product Attributes’ is based on products containing the active pharmaceutical ingredient, which are currently registered in Australia, UK and the USA. Indications are summarised where appropriate and may vary between individual countries.

Patent Risk Analysis
The three graphical analyses are based on data contained in our Pipeline Selector comprehensive patent search, and thus are subject to its scope and limitations. These graphics are intended to provide only a summary of the patent filings; specific details of the filings should be investigated through the use of the Pipeline Selector reports.

Table of Content

Pipeline Selector helps you avoid hours of painstaking research by quickly providing you with an accurate snapshot of a single INN, including key patents, extensions and data exclusivity expiry for 44 countries (7 country coverage also available), regulatory issues and key players.
- Includes key patent publications for 44 countries
- Contains SPC protection for every EU state plus patent term extensions in other countries
- Data exclusivity calculated on a country by country basis
- Summary of dosage forms, strengths, indications and active ingredient forms of the brand product
- DMF & Paragraph IV filings
- Litigation alerts
- Marketing authorisation holders in selected territories
- Patent risk analysis via graphical display of data from patent filings
- Hyper-linking to crucial patent documents and national registries enabling data verification

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