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Monday, 22 April 2013

World Peripheral Vascular Devices Market Analysis 2009-2015

The broad ‘health care’ division has been witnessing a rapid growth and technological improvements varying from sector to sector since the past 3-5 years. The evolution of cardiac devices has opened new vistas in the health care industry. Growth rate exhibited by the cardiac devices industry, even during the recession years, confirms the positive growth prospects going ahead.

Global peripheral vascular devices sector forecasts to reach at US$5.5 billion by 2015 at a CAGR of 9.7% during the analysis period 2009-2015. The North American segment accounts for nearly 40% of the global value while Europe claims more than 25% of the market. Asia-Pacific is the fastest growing region with a CAGR of 11.6% driving a market value of US$1.4 billion by 2015.

On a global scale, peripheral vascular stents accounts for approximately 34% while PTA Balloon catheters and Aortic Stent Graft claim second and third largest portions, respectively. Projections forretrievable IVC filter segment indicate a close to 60% of the IVC segment by 2015 leaving permanent type depicts the remaining 40%.Forecasts forballoon occlusion devices market value indicate nearly 45% of the EPD market by 2015 leaving the rest of the market to the catheter occlusion and filter devices.

Report Focus:

The report ‘GlobalPeripheral Vascular Devices -Market Growth Analysis, 2009-2015’ reviews the latest trends in cardiac vascular devices with a perceptive attempt to disclose the near-future growth prospects. An in-depth analysis on a geographic basis provides strategic business intelligence for healthcare sector investments.The study reveals profitable investment strategies for pharmaceutical manufacturers, biotechnology companies, laboratories, Contract Research Organizations (CROs), government organizations and many more in preferred locations.

The report primarily focuses on:

Emerging Market Trends
Advancements in the Technological Space
Market Demand Of The Segments (By-Region)
Key Growth Areas and Market Size
Region-Wise Demand Factor
Key Competitors Edge
Investment Strategies

The report covers the market analysis by product types. The subdivisions are as:
Peripheral Vascular Devices
1.Peripheral Vascular Stents
2.PTA BalloonCatheters
3.Aortic Stent Graft
4.Inferior Vena Cava (IVC) Filters
a.Retrievable Filters
b.Permanent IVC Filters
5.Embolic Protection Devices (EPD)
a.Balloon Occlusion Devices
b.Catheter Occlusion Devices
c.Filter Devices
6.Peripheral Guidewires
7.Synthetic Surgical Grafts

The period considered for the study analysis is 2009-2015. The region wise distribution of the market consists of North America (USA and Canada), Europe (United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Russia, Belgium and Rest of Europe), Asia-Pacific (Japan, China, India, New Zealand, South Korea, Australia and Rest of Asia-Pacific), Latin America (Brazil, Argentina and Rest of Latin America) and Rest of World (South Africa, Middle East and Rest of Rest of World). Incorporating the recession impacts on the industry, the market growth rate in the major economies such as the U.S., Japan, China etc. are estimated individually for the upcoming years.

More than 700 leading market players are identified and 95 key companies in cardiac medical devices industry that project improved market activities in the near future are profiled. The report consists of 239 data charts describing the market shares, sales forecasts and growth prospects. Moreover, key strategic activities in the market including mergers/acquisitions,collaborations/partnerships, product launches/developments are discussed.

Estimates are based on online surveys using customized questionnaires by our research team. Besides information from government databases, company websites, press releases & published research reports are also used for estimates. Estimates have incorporated recessionary impact on the cardiac devices industry.

Table of Content

A. Introduction
Sensor Expertise Will Urge Development In Pacemaker Market
Progress Of Rate-Responsive Pacemakers With Several Sensors - Industry Overview
B. Growth Rate Analysis
Global Peripheral Vascular Devices Market Growth Rates
Peripheral Vascular Devices Market – Types
Global Peripheral Vascular Devices Types - Growth Rates
Global Inferior Vena Cava (Ivc) Filters Market Growth Rates
Inferior Vena Cava (Ivc) Filters Market – Types
Global Inferior Vena Cava (Ivc) Filters Types - Growth Rates
Global Embolic Protection Devices (Epd) Market Growth Rates
Embolic Protection Devices (Epd) Market – Types
Global Embolic Protection Devices (Epd) Types - Growth Rates
C. Investment Focus
Iii. Global Cardiac Medical Devices Industry Overview
Frequent Occurrences Of Cardiovascular Diseases Witness Improvements
In Medical Devices For Cardiovascular Applications
An Encouraging Jab For Torpid Periods
A. A Review On Cardiac Medical Device Types
1. Cardiac Rhythm Management Devices
Crm In Europe
Cardiac Defibrillators
Rapid Growth In Defibrillator Sales
Cardiac Pacemaker Devices
Statistics On Pacemakers And Implantable Cardiac Devices Presented At Europace 2009
The Data Collection Work
Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (Crt)
2. Cardiac Monitoring And Diagnostic Devices
The Progressive And Frequent Occurrences Of Heart Diseases To Encourage
Huge Demand Of Diagnostic Cardiac Monitoring Systems
Incorporation Of Systems With Emr To Boost Extended Growth Of Market
The North American Cardiac Monitoring Devices Market Overview
3. Interventional Cardiac Devices
Coronary Stents
Evolution Of Stent Technology Attracts Huge Attention
Cardiac Catheters
Competitive Analysis
Intravascular Ultrasound Catheters (Ivus)
Go With The Flow: Fractional Flow Reserve, That Is
Arteriotomy Closure Devices
4. Peripheral Vascular Devices
Embolic Protection Devices (Epd)
Inferior Vena Cava (Ivc) Filters
Peripheral Guidewires
Av Access Thrombectomy Devices
5. Cardiac Prosthetic Devices
6. Electrophysiology Catheters (Ep)
Growth In Electrophysiologists In Europe
Diagnostic Ep Catheters, Ablation Devices See Strong Industry Growth
Ep Mapping
New Af Ablation Devices Seek Approval
Atrial Fibrillation (Af)
Swiss Cardiovascular Devices: A Market Review
Market Challenges
B. Cardiac Devices: Mortality Risks V/S Age
Drivers In The Medical Implant Industry
Size And Weight
Power Efficiency
Performance Specifications
Risk Mitigation And Reliability
C. Cardiac Disease: An Economic Perspective
Cardiovascular Disease (Cvd) And Its Effects On Health And Economy
Impact Of Cvd In Europe
Impact On New York State
Economic Impact Of Cvd In Nys
Health And Economic Impact Of Heart Disease Prevention
Impact Of Cvd On Economic Stability
Economic Cost Of Cardiovascular Diseases
Cost Of Cardiovascular Disease To Triple By 2030
Cardiovascular Disease Is Largely Preventable
D. Infectious And Cardiovascular Diseases In Africa And Beyond
E. Recent Fda Actions And Approvals In Cardiovascular Devices Segment
Cardiovascular Medical Device Approvals – In Detail

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