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Monday, 24 June 2013

China’s Egg and Poultry Industry 2013-2017 Research Report

Before the reform and opening up (1978), there was a very small output volume of poultry eggs in China and poultry eggs were extremely insufficient for a long period. After the reform and opening up, the poultry egg industry boomed in China. In 1984, China surpassed the U.S. in the output volume of poultry eggs, with poultry egg output value ranking No.1 in the world.

In 1998, the output volume of poultry eggs in China first reached 20 million tons, which was over four times that of the U.S., accounting for almost 40% of the global poultry egg output volume. In 2012, the output volume of poultry eggs totaled 28.612 million tons in China, increasing by 1.77% YOY.

The production of poultry eggs mainly concentrates in Henan, Shandong, Hebei, Liaoning, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Hubei, Anhui, Heilongjiang and Jilin. The total output volume of poultry eggs in these regions accounts for over 80% of the national output volume.

The situation of domestic egg trade is rather clear in China. A large number of eggs flow from North China and the Northeast into the Southeast, South China and big cities like Beijing, Tianjin, and Shanghai. According to the data from National Bureau of Statistics, egg supply mainly comes from Hebei, Henan, Liaoning and Shandong. Guangdong is the most insufficient of eggs where about 1.6 million tons of eggs flow in every year, followed by Shanghai, Zhejiang and Beijing. The egg supply and demand is almost balanced in most other provinces.

By consumption channel, led by household consumption, poultry egg consumption in China can be classified into industry consumption (cleaner eggs, highly processed eggs), household consumption (edible eggs) and outdoor eggs (eggs consumed in restaurants and institutions).

In terms of international trade, except hatching eggs, poultry egg trade is in net export status with an extremely small import volume in China. In 2012, the export value of egg products was USD 177.13 million in China, increasing by 2.1% YOY. Meanwhile, the export value of egg products to Asia was USD 166.688 million, increasing by 1.7% YOY; that to Africa was USD 247,000, increasing by 99.9% YOY; that to Europe was USD 145,000, increasing by 96.5% YOY; that to South America was USD 0, decreasing by 100% YOY; that to North America was USD 9.102 million, increasing by 9.8% YOY; that to Oceania was USD 948,000, decreasing by 11.1% YOY.

Though China widely exported its egg products to many countries and regions like Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania, its export destinations mainly concentrate in neighbor countries and regions influenced by geography, quality and processing level. In 2012, the export value of egg products of China to Asia was USD 167 million, increasing by 1.7% YOY and accounting for 94.4% of the total export value. In 2012, the export value of egg products of China to Hong Kong was USD 122 million, decreasing by 1.9% YOY. However, Hong Kong is still the main market of China egg products followed by Japan. The export value of egg products to Japan was USD 13.361 million, increasing by 20.2% YOY. In the past, China mainly exported fresh eggs with a low proportion of deeply processed egg products. However, egg products occupied a large part of egg export with increased added value in 2012.

With the growing population and increasing income per capita in China, the consumption volume of poultry eggs is promoted constantly. It is predicted that the annual growth rate of poultry egg output volume will remain 2% or higher in China during 2013-2017. As to poultry egg production enterprises, forage manufacturing enterprises and animal health care enterprises, there are many opportunities in China market.

Through this report, the readers can acquire the following information:
- Egg Poultry Production and Poultry Egg Supply in China
- Demand and Export of Poultry Eggs in China
- Epidemic Situation of Egg Poultry
- Development Prospect of Egg Poultry Production Industry and Poultry Egg Market in China

The Following Enterprises and People are Recommended to Buy This Report:
- Egg Poultry Production Enterprises
- Poultry Egg Trade and Processing Enterprises
- Poultry Forage Manufacturing Enterprises
- Animal Health Care Enterprises
- Investors and Research Institutes Concerned About Egg Poultry Production and Poultry Egg Market.

Table of Content

1 Overview on Egg Poultry Production in China, 2008-2012
1.1 Production Volume and Institutions of Egg Poultry
1.2 Output Volume and Structure of Poultry Eggs
2 Egg Supply in China, 2008-2012
2.1 Breeding Hens
2.2 Laying Hen Stock and Egg Output Volume
2.3 Production Scale of Laying Hens
2.4 Epidemic Situation of Laying Hens
3 Profit of Laying Hen Production in China, 2012
3.1 Cost of Laying Hen Production
3.2 Egg Price
3.3 Profit of Laying Hen Production
4 Status of Poultry Egg Processing Industry in China, 2012
5 Poultry Egg Consumption in China, 2008- 2012
5.1 Consumption Volume of Poultry Eggs
5.2 Urban and Rural Consumption Structures of Poultry Eggs
5.3Poultry Egg Consumption Structures of Different Channels
5.4 Price Level of Poultry Eggs
6 Import and Export of Poultry Eggs in China, 2012
6.1 Poultry Egg Import
6.2 Poultry Egg Export
7 Major Egg Poultry Production Enterprises in China, 2012
7.1 Chai Tai Group
7.2 Sichuan Tie Qili Shi Group
7.3 Dalian Hanwei Group
7.4 Beijing DQY Agriculture Technology Co., Ltd.
7.5 Hubei Shendan Healthy Food Co., Ltd.
8 Forecast on China Egg & Poultry Market, 2013-2017
8.1 Policies on Egg Poultry Production
8.2 Egg Poultry Stock
8.3 Output Volume of Egg Poultry
8.4 Poultry Egg Consumption
8.5 Poultry Egg Trade
8.6 Price of Poultry Eggs
8.7 Forecast on Profit of Laying Hen Production

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