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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Global Biosimilars Strategy Regulatory Landscape, Key Drivers, Markets and Trends 2013

PharmaSphere: Global Biosimilars Strategy – Regulatory Landscape, Key Drivers, Markets and Trends in 2013


GlobalData’s “PharmaSphere: Global Biosimilars Strategy – Regulatory Landscape, Key Drivers, Markets and Trends in 2013″, provides strategic analysis of the global biosimilars industry. It discusses key market trends, regulatory requirements in various markets, recent deals activity and trends, as well as describes the operations strategy of these companies. Furthermore, it includes a geographical segmentation of various markets including the EU and US, as well as emerging markets such as India – providing in-depth analysis of these markets’ regulatory framework, key domestic players and their biosimilar pipelines, and strategic outlook.

Biosimilars have stated their intention of being here to stay, as recent events show an increasing trend in efforts by companies to enter and/or enhance their position in the biosimilars industry. Indeed, biosimilars are becoming crucial features of governments’ plans to reduce healthcare expenditures and increase foreign investment. Various factors, including financial austerity measures due to increasing budget deficits and debt, slowed economic growth in countries such as the US, an increasing aging population and an associated increase in the demand for healthcare in other countries like Japan, are some of the key drivers of initiatives to encourage biosimilars.

Key Questions Answered
- What are the drivers of the global biosimilars industry?
- Who are the top players involved in the development of biosimilars in the developed markets of Europe and the US, as well as in emerging markets, including India and China?
- What are the major barriers to entry into the biosimilars industry?
- What specific strategies are companies utilizing to combat some of the challenges currently facing the development of the global biosimilars industry?
- What is the current state of biosimilars regulation in the EU, US, Japan, India, China, and South Korea?

- The report provides analysis of the key drivers and trends shaping the global biosimilars industry.
- The report discusses the biosimilar regulatory landscape of various markets including developed markets of the US and EU, as well as emerging markets such as China and India. Furthermore, it identifies key domestic players in the various markets discussed and provides analysis of their strategy, manufacturing capacity, and clinical pipeline.
- The report contains a special case study on Teva Pharmaceutical Industries’ biosimilars business, including an in-depth SWOT analysis of the company
- The report contains expert insights on the corporate strategies of current and prospective players in the global biosimilars industry.

Key Benefits
- Understand the frameworks under which biosimilars are currently being reviewed and regulated across various developed and emerging markets
- Identify the key domestic players in various biosimilar markets, including South Korea, Japan and emerging markets such as India and China
- Understand the key drivers and trends in the global biosimilars industry
- Analyze and track the strategies that companies are using to enter and/or strengthen their position in the rapidly evolving biosimilars industry, as well as efforts being made by innovator companies like Amgen to protect their market position
- Use this information as an independent source for your due diligence and transaction strategy

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