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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Global Business Survey: Revenue Growth Trends and Key Markets for Growth in 2013-2014

This Report Available from June 28, 2013

Optimism abounds in the global Food industry, according to new report, Global Business Survey: Revenue Growth Trends and Key Markets for Growth in 2013-2014, with 68% of industry respondents more confident in revenue growth for 2013 than the previous year. This optimism is primarily being driven by: food prices and growing consumption in emerging markets supported by a rising population, economic growth, and increased spending capabilities. 

Optimism is not constrained to the Food industry however, with 60% of respondents from the global Oil & Gas Packaging industries claiming greater optimism – driven by decreasing oil prices, demand from developing nations, and the discovery of new shale has reserves – about the revenue growth of their companies in 2013. Meanwhile, high demand from the pharmaceutical, food and beverage sectors, favourable raw material costs, a focus on anti-counterfeit packaging, and increased use of recycled or reusable packaging materials have driven a swell of optimism in the global Packaging sector, where 59% of the survey respondents claim greater optimism about revenue growth in 2013.

This optimism is, however, not universal, with the survey showing that respondents for the global Mining and Power industries are less optimistic about revenue growth, whilst the largest proportion of the global Beverage industry are neutral regarding 2013 revenue growth.

Important Emerging Markets

Across all industries, respondents identify India, China and Brazil as the most promising emerging markets, followed by the Middle East. Furthermore, a significant portion of respondents across all industry verticals identify Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong, the US, and Australia as the most promising developed regions to offer significant growth opportunities in 2013.

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