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Thursday, 20 June 2013

Laser Cutting, Drilling, Marking and Engraving Market 2013 – 2018 at

The revenue generated from laser processing applications is supported by five critical pillars – laboratory equipments, defense & military, compact disc read/write heads, communications, and material processing. The research study, Laser Processing Market (2013 – 2018) analyses the vital material processing segment. The analysis is complemented by qualitative as well as quantitative data; latter being further divided into sales value, sale volume, and average selling price (ASP) data sets. Each of the data set contains historical, estimated, and forecasted values. The total market is segmented according to the technology, techniques, machine configuration, vertical, and geography.

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Segmentation is done considering the supply side as well as the demand side market parameters. Segments such as technology, techniques, and machine configuration define the supply side market, whereas, vertical, application, and geography segments define the demand side market. The technology segmentation divides the market according to the various laser technologies such as CO2 laser, solid state lasers, fiber lasers, and excimer lasers. On the other hand, the machine configuration segment describes how the above mentioned lasers are used. Three types of configurations; moving material, flying optics, and hybrid, along with the mode of operation are covered in the report. Depending on the material type, lasers can be used in continuous mode or in a pulsed mode. The laser market data covered for various technology segments is mutually exclusive.

The major supply side segment is the technique which includes laser cutting, laser drilling, laser engraving, and laser marking. These four types of techniques have replaced the tradition mechanical processing techniques on a large scale. Depending on the application, base material type, and laser type, one can select a suitable laser processing technique. Though, techniques are different, the application market for each type wont be mutually exclusive since multiple techniques may be applied to same the product/application. The chapter also includes the level-2 segmentation of the techniques, giving descriptive data sets for various types of drilling (single pulse, percussion, trepanning, helical), cutting (fusion, flame, sublimation), and marking (masking, carbon migration, bonding).

Amongst the demand side segments, application segment is of the prime importance. The report discusses various applications with their respective impacts on the total market, cannibalization factor, year-on-year growth trend, and TAM/SAM data. Laser processing applications are also divided according to the processing techniques employed, allowing the reader to analyze each of the micro-markets individually. For example, the report differentiates between the automotive application market for laser drilling and automotive application market for laser cutting. Apart from the automotive segments, other major verticals considered for the analysis are aerospace, architecture, commercial, consumer electronics, and semiconductor & electronics.

The report also segments the market by various economic pockets such as; North America, Europe, APAC, and ROW. Further, major countries contributing to the market are analyzed with detailed representation of value and volume data. Apart from the quantitative data, the report also includes qualitative data analysis by the use of various tools and models. Porters five force analysis, value chain analysis, price trend analysis, market dynamics, burning issues, and winning imperatives are few of the analysis models used.

Competitive landscape, along with the recent developments in laser processing market is also discussed in the report. The major companies covered in the report are; Epilog Laser (U.S.), Universal Laser Systems (U.S.), Trotec Laser, Inc (U.S.), Needham-laser (U.K.), SEI Laser (Italy), Eurolaser (Germany), LaserStar (U.S.), and Xenetech Global, Inc (U.S.).

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Table Of Contents

11 Company Profiles (Overview, Products & Services, Financials, Strategy And Developments)*
11.1 Alltec GMBH
11.2 Alpha Nov Laser
11.3 Bystronic, Inc.
11.4 Coherent, Inc.
11.5 DPSS Laser, Inc.
11.6 Epilog Laser, Inc.
11.7 Eurolaser GMBH
11.8 IPG Photonics Corporation
11.9 Jenoptik Laser GMBH
11.10 Laserstar Technologies Corporation
11.11 Needham Laser Ltd.
11.12 Newport Corporation
11.13 Prima Industrie S.P.A.
11.14 Q-Peak, Inc.
11.15 Rofin-Sinar Technologies, Inc.
11.16 SEI Laser S.P.A
11.17 Trotec Laser, Inc.
11.18 Trumpf Laser GMBH + Co. Kg
11.19 Universal Laser Systems, Inc.
11.20 Xenetech Global, Inc.

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