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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Romanian Construction Market 2015 Forecasts at

Which segment of Romanian construction will see the highest growth in 2013?
Report reveals forecasts for residential, commercial and infrastructure development to 2015.

Romania’s three major construction segments – residential, non-residential and civil engineering – offer different prospects for the near future according to the indicators appearing in recent market analyses.

Construction sector in Romania 2013, Development forecasts for 2013-2015, is a PMR publication that provides complete data, analysis and forecasts based on market observations of experienced analysts. This report describes conditions in each segment as evidenced by prices, levels of employment and wages and the number and financial value of companies operating in Romanian construction.

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This document analyses the competitive environment using corporate profiles that describe Romania’s market leaders in construction and building materials production in terms of their financial condition, size and project portfolios. It features an Excel directory of 100 of country’s top contractors and an informative Excel database that contains details on 100 significant upcoming projects, along with analysis of the macroeconomic conditions, regulatory trends and other factors that are connected to the expansions and declines experienced recently in Romanian construction.

Forecasts for development in residential, non-residential and civil engineering construction in Romania are a significant component of this report. They reveal the segments that are expected to experience the most growth, the types of projects that will attract commercial and industrial investors and government plans for investment in the country’s infrastructure. Forecasts include the expected total of new residential housing units that will be ready for occupancy in 2015 and the values of both the overall market and each of its segments from 2013-2015.

Construction sector in Romania 2013, Development forecasts for 2013-2015 is organised and presented in a format similar to those of other regional construction reports presented by PMR, such as those covering Slovakia, Poland, and the Czech Republic. When used together, this format enables quick and simple comparative analysis of these neighboring construction markets and their attributes and statistical representations.

This report provides a perfect introduction to professionals at companies new to Romanian construction. It is also preferred by current market participants interested in new projects, competition research and revenue and market share calculations.


Companies considering merger and acquisition activity and seeking guidance concerning the structure and value of this market and its segments consult this document for guidance. It is a valuable addition to the reference collections of financial services providers, contractors, design and project management specialists and government and academic institutions in search of reliable data and forecasts and astute analysis pertaining to all of the important issues confronting businesses active in the current market and building strategies for a more successful future.
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