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Monday, 29 July 2013

Global Microscopy Market 2013-2018

This report provides: An overview of the global market for microscopes and accessories, with coverage of optical (light) microscopes, electron microscopes, scanning probe microscopes, and other types (e.g., focused ion beam, confocal); Analyses of global market trends, with data from 2012, estimates for 2013, and projections of compound annual growth rates (CAGRs) through 2018; Definitions and a brief history of microscopy; Microscope technologies; Patent analysis; Discussion of trends by type of instrument, end-user segment, and geographical region; Industry structure, including company size and financial performance, ownership, and market shares; Comprehensive company profiles of major players in the market.

The field of microscopy has undergone an enormous evolution since the earliest optical microscopes were developed in the 1600s. The optical microscope has been refined continuously since its introduction, resulting in today’s superb scientific instruments. However, the optical microscope is ultimately limited in the minimum size and nature of the features that it can resolve by manufacturability constraints and, ultimately, the physics of light itself.

New microscopy technologies have been developed to overcome these limitations, such as electron, scanning probe and focused ion beam microscopy. The field of microscopy continues to evolve rapidly as new requirements and imaging technologies are developed. While optical microscopes once accounted for the bulk of all microscopes sold around the world today, they are in the minority today.

While microscopes today are a multi-billion-dollar industry, their true importance lies in the activities they make possible, such as life sciences research, microelectronics and advanced-materials science. Microscopy is particularly important to the expanding field of nanotechnology.

This report is an updated version of an earlier BCC study published in 2011. The goal of this study is to provide the reader with an understanding of recent developments in microscopy technologies and applications and their impact on the future size and structure of the market for various types of microscopes and microscope accessories. Specific study objectives include identifying segments of the microscopy market with the greatest commercial potential in the near- to mid-term (2013 to 2018), identifying and, where possible, quantifying the key demand drivers, projecting future demand for different types of microscopes, and evaluating the technical and other challenges that must be overcome for the market to realize its full potential.

The report is intended especially for manufacturers and vendors of microscopes and related accessories. Other readers who should find it particularly useful include entrepreneurs, investors, venture capitalists and other readers with a need to know where the microscopy market is headed over the next five years. The report should also be of interest to end users such as nanotechnology companies whose technology road maps may make critical assumptions about the availability and performance of different materials characterization technologies, including microscopes. Other potential readers include members of technical and professional organizations such as ASM International and the American Society for Nondestructive Testing.

The report addresses the global market for microscopes and microscope accessories over the period from 2012 through 2018, including: Optical (light) microscopes; Electron microscopes; Scanning probe microscopes; Other types of microscope (e.g., focused ion beam, confocal); Microscope accessories.
The report includes the following major elements: Executive summary; Definitions; Brief history of microscopy; Microscope technologies; Patent analysis; Major end uses and applications; Global market trends by type of instrument, end-user segment and geographical region; Technology trends, limits and challenges; Industry structure (e.g., firm size and financial performance, ownership, market shares).

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Table of Content

Chapter 6 Company Profiles 142
Applied Materials, Inc. 142
Bruker Axs 142
Bruker Optics Inc. 142
Buehler Inc. 142
Cameca Sa 143
Danish Micro Engineering A/S 143
Fei Company 143
Gatan, Inc. 144
Hitachi High Technologies Corp. 144
Jasco International Co. Ltd. 144
Jeol Ltd. 145
Leica Microsystems Ag 145
Mis Inc. 145
Nanonics Imaging Ltd. 146
Nanosurf Ag 146
Nikon Corp. 146
Nt-Mdt Co. 147
Obducat-Camscan Ltd. 147
Olympus Corporation 147
Omicron Nanotechnology Gmbh 147
Park Systems Corp. 148
Perkin Elmer, Inc. 148
Questar Corp. 148
Schott North America Inc. 148
Shimadzu Corp. 149
Sii Nanotechnology Inc. 149
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc. 149
Veeco Instruments Inc. 149
Witec Wissenschaftliche Instrumente Und Technologie Gmbh 150
Zeiss (Carl) Nts Gmbh 150

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