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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Poland Conventional Energy Construction Market 2013 Analysis and 2020 Forecast Report

Survey Poland’s newest investments in conventional energy. Report profiles construction projects designed to increase generation capacity by2020. Poland’s construction industry will likely be dominated by power generation projects during the next seven years. As the older generation facilities across the country are replaced by new, high performance conventional source plants, opportunities for qualified construction professionals are forecast to expand in this sector.

In an effort to guide construction-oriented clients to success in this market over the coming years, PMR has prepared a document that provides all available details on the current conditions and planned and in-progress investments attracting the most attention in the Polish power generation sector. Energy construction in Poland 2013 – the conventional energy segment, provides in-depth coverage of plans for power facilities by specific fuel utilized: coal, lignite, natural gas and nuclear power. Many of these significant projects are in the initial stages of development and will present potential construction opportunities for years to come.

This report supplies a survey of Poland’s current capacity for power generation using conventional sources, along with a review of the general conditions currently in effect within the country’s energy markets. It provides information on the leading investors in planned projects and the funding resources available to bring them to completion, and outlines common obstacles encountered during the construction process. The report also offers a SWOT analysis of Poland’s market for energy generated using conventional fuel sources.

An insightful analysis of the power construction projects currently being considered is presented, categorized by fuel source. It provides project value (PLN bn) and size (MW) data and estimates how many of these planned projects will progress to functional status. Key players in conventional power generation are identified and described in terms of their current and potential involvement in the industry. Regional analysis reveals areas within the country that will witness the greatest energy production investments.

Investment profiles of the most significant projects include location, block power, major investors, type of fuel, current stage and expected completion date and visualisation. Evaluation of the regulatory environment of the power generation sector is included, featuring specific impacts that changes in regulation might have on the completion of projects currently in the development stages.

This unique document is geared to provide business assistance to construction contractors, manufacturers and distributors of machinery and materials designated especially for the power generation industry. Companies exploring the possibility of entering the market and introducing new brands and innovative types of equipment should consider this document required reading before planning a business strategy in Polish power generation. Researcher, consultants and financial services providers will find it an essential resource when analyzing investment opportunity, preparing analytical reporting and performing research on the competitive environment of the marketplace.

Table of Content

I. Methodology 9
II. Executive summary 11
III. Investments in power networks 17
IV. Investments in conventional energy 31
V. Investments in nuclear energy 71
VI. Profiles of the major investors on the power
VII. market 81
VIII. List of graphs 93
IX. List of tables 95
X. About PMR 96

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