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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Portable Oxygen Concentrator Market, Strategies 2013-2019 Report at

The report Portable Oxygen Concentrator: Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2013-2019 by WinterGreen Research is now available at Contact with Portable Oxygen Concentrator: Market Shares, Strategies, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2013-2019 in subject line and your contact details to purchase this report or get your questions answered.

WinterGreen Research announces that it has published a new study Portable Oxygen Concentrators: Market Shares, Strategy, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2013 to 2019. The 2013 study has 464 pages, 187 tables and figures. Worldwide markets are poised to achieve continuing growth as the aging population worldwide needs homecare oxygen treatment. Older people develop COPD and other respiratory conditions where oxygen is able to improve the quality of the life in a dramatic manner. Portable devices have become affordable and support a mobile lifestyle even while on oxygen.

There has been a quantum improvement in the portable oxygen concentrator technology. Less weight, more power are the characteristics of the new portable units that begin to rival the larger home units. The huge jump in technology is illustrated by the effectiveness of the Inogen G3and the about to be released VBox Trooper. Innovation started with Inogen One G3and AirSep’s LifeStyle is the less-than-10-pound batteryoperated concentrator. AirSep has re-engineered the unit down to a 2 pound device.

Newer portable oxygen concentrators can be used as multipurpose devices.

Portable oxygen concentrator technology has been instantiated many times over, but in a most compelling manner by Inogen as the Inogen oxygen concentrator which represents a technological breakthrough. The Inogen One G3 is a complete departure from current mainstream technologies.  It represents a shift away from standard large, bulky, stationary concentrator systems and inefficient, heavy, and impractical portable devices.

This transformation presents a new opportunity for people who make PSA oxygen equipment. Economies of scale and a new distribution modality leveraging homecare services are set to change the medical oxygen industry. Home delivery markets tend to be evaporating.

Delivering oxygen cylinders costs money and consumes resources. In current competitive bidding markets, reimbursement for oxygen is down by up to a third. Providers in these markets are compensating for this reduction by moving their oxygen business to a nondelivery

Philips medical chronic disease equipment is able to address market trends. Invacare has been a continuing market leader in articulating the benefits of homecare.

The complexion of the home oxygen market is changing as portable concentrators evolve to be smaller and less expensive. The advent of reliable, inexpensive portable home oxygen concentrators has changed the market dynamic significantly.

The market for oxygen concentrators is being disrupted by the portable devices that can be used to provide oxygen under all circumstances.  The reimbursement is too low to support what worked in the past. This is a dramatic shift in the home medical oxygen market.

The move from a primary delivery with a cost structure that accounts for truck rolls to a portable device market is set to bring dramatic changes to the industry.  For vendors that have relied on the distribution network and financing the distribution network, their hold on the market has shifted.

Oxygen concentrator markets at $242.5 million in 2012 are anticipated to reach $1.9 billion dollars by 2019. Growth is a result of new competitors in the market, demand for the smaller lighter technology by patients, and the market need by for greater mobility support for older people.

Table of Content

5. Respiratory Equipment Company Description
5.1 Air Liquide
5.1.1 Air Liquide Vision and Mission
5.2 Braun and Company
5.3 CareFusion / Intermed Equipment
5.3.1 CareFusion Respiratory Care
5.3.2 CareFusion Cardiopulmonary Diagnostics
5.3.3 CareFusion Mechanical Ventilators
5.3.4 CareFusion Sleep Diagnostics and Therapy
5.4 Chart Industries
5.4.1 Chart Industries Product Groups
5.4.2 Chart Industries Cold Boxes
5.4.3 Chart Industries Global Presence
5.4.4 Chart Industries Markets
5.4.5 Chart Industries Revenue
5.4.6 Chart Industries Segments and Products
5.4.7 Chart Industries Process Systems
5.4.8 Chart Industries Distribution and Storage Segment
5.4.9 Chart Industries Cryogenic Bulk Storage Systems
5.4.10 Chart Industries Storage And End-Use Of Hydrocarbon And Industrial Gases
5.4.11 Chart Industries / AirSep
5.4.12 Chart Industries/Caire
5.4.13 Cht Industries/Caire Liquid Oxygen Continuous Flow Demand Flow Versatility
5.4.14 CAIRE / SeQual Technologies
5.4.15 Chart Industries / SeQual
5.5 Covidien
5.5.1 Covidien Fourth-Quarter and Fiscal 2012 Results
5.5.2 Covidien Medical Devices Sales
5.5.3 Covidien Strategy
5.6 DeVilbiss Healthcare
5.6.1 DeVilbiss Healthcare Vestar Capital Partners
5.6.2 DeVilbiss Healthcare Sleep Therapy
5.6.3 DeVilbiss Healthcare Moves Production Back to the USA
5.7 Dräger
5.7.1 Dräger Evita Infinity® V500
5.7.2 Dräger Evita XL
5.7.3 Dräger Savina® 300
5.8 Drive Medical
5.8.1 Drive Medical Product Line
5.8.2 Drive Medical Facilities
5.8.3 Drive Medical Markets
5.9 Fanem
5.9.1 Fanem Neonatal CPAP
5.10 Fisher & Paykel Healthcare
5.10.1 Fisher & Paykel Strategy
5.10.2 Fisher & Paykel Research & Development
5.10.3 Fisher & Paykel International Reach
5.10.4 Fisher & Paykel Respiratory & Acute Care
5.10.5 Fisher & Paykel Obstructive Sleep Apnea
5.10.6 Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Optiflow Junior
5.10.7 Fisher & Paykel Healthcare myAIRVO
5.10.8 Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Optiflow
5.11 Gardner Denver / Thomas Compressors
5.11.1 Gardner Denver Thomas Medical
5.11.2 Gardner Denver Thomas Engineering Department
5.11.3 Gardner Denver Thomas OEM
5.11.4 Gardner Denver Thomas Product Industries
5.11.5 Thomas Vacuum Pumps, Compressors and Liquid Pumps
5.11.6 Gardner Denver Thomas Respiratory Therapy Product Design
5.11.7 Gardner Denver Thomas Embedded Control Systems
5.12 GE Healthcare
5.12.1 GE Healthcare Regional P&Ls
5.12.2 GE Key Medical Care Areas:  Cardiology
5.12.3 GE Neurology
5.12.4 GE Emergency Medicine
5.12.5 GE Oncology
5.12.6 GE Women’s Health
5.12.7 GE Healthcare Oxygen Humidifier
5.12.8 GE Healthcare Air/O2 Blender
5.12.9 GE M2100 Air/O2 Blender
5.13 Getinge Group AB / Maquet
5.13.1 Maquet
5.13.2 Maquet Servo-I Infant
5.14 Graham Field
5.15 Hamilton Medical
5.15.1 Hamilton Medical Ventilation
5.15.2 Hamilton Medical Reduce Ventilation Complexity
5.15.3 Hamilton Medical Ventilator Intuitive User Interface
5.16 Heinen & Loewenstein GmbH & Co
5.16.1 Heinen + Lowenstein
5.17 Inogen
5.17.1 Inogen Acquires Breathe Oxygen Services
5.17.2 Inogen One G3 Versatile Portable Oxygen Concentrator
2.1.1 Inogen Is Reliable, Trusted, And Proven
5.18 Inova Labs
5.19 Invacare
5.19.1 Invacare Business
5.19.2 Invacare Growth
5.19.3 Invacare Geographical Segments And Product Categories
5.19.4 Invacare Mobility And Seating Products
5.19.5 Invacare Lifestyle Products
5.19.6 Invacare Respiratory Therapy Products
5.19.7 Invacare Institutional Products Group (IPG)
5.20 Jiuxin Medical
5.20.1 Jiuxin Medical Jogger Portable Ventilator
5.20.2 Jiuxin Medical ICU Ventilator Detachable 10.4"TFT Color Screen
5.21 Leistung Engineering
5.21.1 Leistung Key Strategy
5.22 Longfian Scitech
5.22.1 Longfian Scitech JAY-20 Industry Oxygen
5.22.2 Longfian Scitech JAY-20 Industry Oxygen
5.22.3 Longfian Scitech Oxygen Analyzer
5.23 Merits
5.24 Nidek Medical
5.25 O2 Concepts
5.26 OSI Systems
5.26.1 OSI Systems Security Division
5.26.2 OSI Systems / Spacelabs Healthcare Division
5.26.3 OSI Systems Optoelectronics Division
5.27 Philips Healthcare
5.27.1 Philips Healthcare Imaging Systems
5.27.2 Philips Healthcare Patient Care and Clinical Informatics
5.27.3 Philips Healthcare Home Healthcare
5.27.4 Philips Healthcare Sleep and Respiratory Care
5.27.5 Philips Healthcare Independent Living
5.27.6 Philips Healthcare Remote Monitoring
5.27.7 Philips Is World Leader In Cardiology
5.27.8 Philips Lumileds
5.27.9 Philips Lumileds Quality White Lighting with LEDs
5.27.10 Philips Healthcare Acute Care And Home Healthcare
5.27.11 Philips Revenue
5.27.12 Philips Healthcare
5.27.13 Philips Corporate
5.28 ResMed Sleep Disordered Breathing (SDB)
5.28.1 ResMed Continuing Research And Product Development
5.28.2 ResMed S9 Elite
5.28.3 ResMed S9 Escape
5.28.4 ResMed Revenue
5.29 Smiths Group plc / Smiths Medical
5.29.1 Smiths Medical Oxygen High-Flow Diluter FLO2
5.29.2 Smiths Medical Humidification Systems
5.30 Teijin
5.30.1 Teijin Group Home Oxygen Therapy Services in Japan
5.30.2 Teijin and Tokyo Institute of Technology Develop Extra-Conductive Carbon Nanofiber with Unprecedented Structure
5.31 Teleflex Incorporated / Teleflex Medical
5.32 Terumo
5.33 UltraNebs
5.34 VBox Trooper
5.35 Vitality Medical
5.36 Vygon

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