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Monday, 8 July 2013

US Packaging Industry Analysis Report at

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Consumers show interest in premium products
Despite the recent economic issues putting pressure on budgets, consumers are showing an interest in premium products. Consumers who fared better following the recession see these products as worthwhile for the quality while lower-income consumers see them as an occasional affordable luxury. This has helped mitigate declines faced by pack types commonly associated with premium products, such as glass products and metal tins.

Health products in the spotlight
With a slow but seemingly steady recovery underway, consumers have a renewed interest in products that are health focused. This means a closer inspection of the health claims of various products and a great deal of emphasis by manufacturers on putting the health properties of their products on the front of the package. This has also benefited pack types like liquid cartons that are traditionally seen as being used for fresh products, while hurting metal can sales, which are traditionally seen as being used for heavily preserved products.

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New pack types introduced across categories
2012 saw an enormous level of new and incredibly innovative product introductions. Some of these products, like Mio and Tide Pods, look to permanently reshape the categories they are being introduced into. These products also come with pack types that are uncommon in their categories as well, with distinctive designs intended to help make the new products stand out from the old. Although the packaging used for these new products are very different in size and function, for the most part they have largely come in flexible, rigid plastic, and liquid carton packaging.

Sustainability continues to be a concern
Manufacturers continue to focus on creating more sustainable packaging as consumer concerns about the environment strengthen. This has led to a great deal of innovation in plastics to make them more renewable and use less overall material. While this primarily affects beverage products, home care manufacturers have also begun to follow a similar trend.

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Average pack sizes shrink
As consumers continue to flock to urban areas, the overall sizes of their living areas have started to shrink. Therefore, smaller and easier-to- store products are in strong demand, and manufacturers are responding with smaller packaging. Products in smaller packaging also carry the benefit of being more portable and useful for on-the-go consumption, which has become very important to consumers. In addition, these smaller packages carry a cheaper price point, making them seem more appealing to consumers, despite the overall increase in price by volume.

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Table Of Contents
Pack sizes continue to shrink
Sustainability continues to be a focus of manufacturers
Innovative new products produce innovative new packaging
Convenience drives growth in packaging
Consumers opt for products that appear to be healthier
Premium products see growth
FDA takes over tobacco regulation, passes strict rules
Bisphenol A (BPA) becomes a growing target of critics; some states have banned it
Plastic bags
Soda Ban

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