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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Global Complex Event Processing Market (CEP) Forecast & Analysis 2013-2018

The report Complex Event Processing (CEP) Market [Algorithmic Trading, Fraud Detection, Sentiment Analysis, Supply Chain Optimization, Transportation and Logistics, Revenue Assurance, Emergency Response Services] Worldwide Market Forecast & Analysis (2013 - 2018) by MarketsandMarkets is now available at with report name in subject line and your contact details to purchase this report or get your questions answered.

As current market scenario is increasingly competitive and highly complex, thereby demands to execute large business deals, operation level decisions and recognizing risk events ‘before hand’ is even more challenging. As well, it is essential to maintain a minimum amount of latency alongside to have sustainable business environment. Further, the circumstances are intensified by an ever-expanding service industry generating huge data volumes from an enormous collection of distinct sources. It is highly impractical to expect human resource to supervise this huge data, process and represent the event outcome for any organization. Therefore, Complex Event Processing (CEP) technology has shown its market importance of low-latency filtering, aggregating, correlating, and computing, based on a broad collection of chronological and real-time streaming data. Complex Event Processing plays an important role in financial industry by enhancing capabilities in constructing cautious trading decisions by offering services such as algorithmic trading, liquidity aggregation, surveillance tools and risk management solutions. Moreover, CEP solutions also have applications in industries such as telecommunication, healthcare, retail and energy.

Major players include Oracle, IBM, Microsoft, Software AG, SAP, Tibco and many others. The report provides a comprehensive business case analysis along with information on key market drivers, restraints, opportunities, challenges and key issues in Complex Event Processing (CEP) market. The report aims at estimating the current market size and the future growth potential of this market across components, verticals & geographies.

The research report provides an overview, overall market study and segmentation based on various technologies, applications, regions and verticals for the global CEP market. Furthermore, the report gives detailed analysis on global trends and forecasts, competitive landscape and analysis on VC funding and M&A, related to CEP market.

The market research report categorizes the global Complex Event Processing market on the basis of types, services, verticals, applications and regions. It also forecasts volumes, revenues and analyzes trends in each of the submarkets:

On the Basis of Types:
We have segmented it on the basis of detection oriented, operation oriented and hybrid based CEP technologies currently available in the CEP market.

On the Basis of Services:
This segment includes services such as installation and maintenance, training and certification, customer support and other services. Other services are industry standards such as HL7, HIPAA, eFinancial, SWIFT, BASEL II, UCCNet, RosettaNet and many other based on the vertical related to the client.

On the basis of Applications:
We have segmented vertical centric applications such as BFSI: algorithmic trading, electronic transaction monitoring, dynamic pre‐trade analytics, data enrichment, fraud detection, governance, risk and compliance (GRC); healthcare: self-service proactive monitoring and alerting and governance, risk and compliance (GRC); transportation and logistics: asset management and predictive scheduling and toll system management; IT and telecommunication: mobile billboards, revenue assurance, infrastructure management and predictive CDR assessment; retail: inventory optimization, shoplifting detection and real-time marketing and customer engagement; energy and utilities: oil and gas operation management and nuclear crisis and smart grid energy management; manufacturing: shop floor automation and operational failure detection, infrastructure management and supply chain optimization; government, defense and aerospace: Intelligence and Security, emergency response services and geo-fencing and geospatial analysis; Others: includes education and research.

On the Basis of Verticals:
This segment covers industry verticals that are currently having prominent market share in the CEP technology. These verticals are BFSI, transportation and logistics, healthcare, manufacturing, IT and telecommunication, energy and utilities, retail, government, defense and aerospace and ‘Others’ (it includes airports and railroad related industry which is still in adoption phase of CEP technology).

On the Basis of Regions:
Regional segmentation covers North America (NA), Latin America (LA), Europe (EU), Middle East and Africa (MEA) and Asia Pacific (APAC – includes Japan).

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Major points of table of content
10 Company Profiles (Overview, Products and Services, Financials, SWOT Analysis, Strategies and Insights)* 
10.1 Cisco
10.2 Clear Priority
10.3 EMC
10.4 Fujitsu
10.5 Huawei
10.6 IBM
10.7 Informatica
10.8 Lockheed Martin
10.9 Microsoft
10.10 Oracle
10.11 Redhat
10.12 SAP
10.13 SAS
10.14 Software AG
10.15 Tibco
10.16 Other Innovators
10.16.1 Automic Software
10.16.2 Modular Streams
10.16.3 Nastel Technologies
10.16.4 Onemarketdata
10.16.5 Radware
10.16.6 SL Corporation
10.16.7 Traak System
10.16.8 Vitria Technologies
10.16.9 Westglobal

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