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Monday, 12 August 2013

Small Cell Gateway Market For WiFi Enabled LTE 2020 Forecasts

The report “WiFi Enabled LTE Small Cell Gateway Forecasts 2013 – 2020″ by Signals and Systems Telecom is now available at Contact with WiFi Enabled LTE Small Cell Gateway Forecasts 2013 – 2020 in subject line and your contact details to purchase this report or get your questions answered.

Driven by large scale LTE investments and the high penetration of embedded WiFi capability in consumer electronic devices, both fixed and mobile, a number of wireless carriers are taking a keen interest in WiFi enabled LTE gateways. A WiFi enabled LTE small cell gateway (or base station) is an emerging network element, which has an LTE interface towards the carrier network and a WiFi interface towards the end user device.  A vast majority of these base station deployments are likely to be in a small cell configuration.

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Driven by infrastructure vendor commitments and demands from the wireless carrier community, SNS Research expects the installed base of WiFi enabled LTE small cell gateways to account for nearly 15 Million units by 2020, growing at a CAGR of nearly 122% between 2013 and 2020.
The “WiFi Enabled LTE Small Cell Gateway Forecasts: 2013 – 2020” excel datasheet presents detailed forecasts and growth rate projections on the installed base, unit shipments and revenue of WiFi enabled LTE gateways from 2013 till 2020. The forecasts are also segmented for the following regional submarkets:
§  Asia Pacific
§  Eastern Europe
§  Latin & Central America
§  Middle East & Africa
§  North America
§  Western Europe
The datasheet comes with a complimentary copy of SNS Research’s “The HetNet Bible (Small Cells and Carrier WiFi) – Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies and Forecasts: 2013 – 2020 – With an Evaluation of DAS & Cloud RAN” report which includes detailed analysis and forecasts of the HetNet market.  The report comprises over 434 pages and 262 figures.

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Complete report spread across having Table of Contents available @ Read more on “WiFi Enabled LTE Small Cell Gateway Forecasts 2013 – 2020” report below.

Table Of Contents
17 Chapter 17: Technology Providers          260
17.1 AltoBridge     260
17.2 Aepona               261
17.3 Acme Packet (Acquired by Oracle)              262
17.4 Accuris Networks              263
17.5 Agilent Technologies         264
17.6 Aicent            265
17.7 Amdocs            266
17.8 Applied Communication Sciences     267
17.9 Aptilo Networks       268
17.10 Advanced Wireless Technology Group (AWTG)      269
17.11 BandwidthX       270
17.12 Birdstep Technology ASA              271
17.13 BSG Wireless             272
17.14 EDX Wireless             273
17.15 Front Porch             274
17.16 Green Packet             275
17.17 InterDigital                276
17.18 Kineto Wireless           277
17.19 Nash Technologies     278
17.20 Netgem     279
17.21 Nomadix              280
17.22 Quortus     281
17.23 Smith Micro Software       282
17.24 Syniverse Technologies       283
17.25 Stoke            284
17.26 WeFi               285

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