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Monday, 19 August 2013

Soy Protein Ingredients Market Analysis & 2018 Forecast Report

The report Soy Protein Ingredients Market By Types (Isolates, Concentrates, and Others), Applications, and Geography – Global Trends and Forecasts to 2018 by MarketsandMarkets is now available at Contact with Soy Protein Ingredients Market By Types (Isolates, Concentrates, and Others), Applications, and Geography – Global Trends and Forecasts to 2018 in subject line and your contact details to purchase this report or get your questions answered.

Soybean is processed into three kinds, namely soy protein isolates (~90% protein), soy protein concentrates (~70% protein), and soy flour (~50% protein). Soy protein ingredients are the ideal ingredients for the meat processing industry and also for infant formulations. These are equipped with a complete amino acid profile, are embraced for its health benefits, and are versatile due to its functional properties. As a result, these are used as stabilizer, emulsifier, tenderizer, binder, gel, and thickener in food and beverage processing. Soy proteins carry all the essential amino acids. Soy is generally high in calcium and is used to treat osteoporosis. FDA has declared that soy can reduce the cholesterol level. These are also rich in fiber, polyunsaturated fats and lecithin, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and vitamin B. Soy protein ingredients are considered as environmentally friendly as they require less amount of water. They are a very good substitute to animal protein and cheaper too, hence play an essential role in animal welfare and are known to be eco-friendly.

This market is driven by the nutritive, functional properties, and the health benefits achieved. The largest market for soy protein ingredients is in the North American region, whereas Asia-Pacific market is projected to register the best growth opportunities. Moreover, China and India will be the fastest-growing countries in the global soy protein ingredients market as their strong economic growth continues. Latin America is the second-fastest growing region and Brazil is the major market for soy protein ingredients. The North American and European regions are expected to show moderate growth rate from 2013 to 2018.

We have used various secondary sources, such as encyclopedia, directories, and databases to identify and collect information useful for this extensive commercial study of the soy protein ingredients market. The primary sources–experts from related industries and suppliers–have been interviewed to obtain and verify critical information as well as to assess the future prospects of soy protein ingredients.

We have also profiled leading players of this industry with their recent developments and other strategic industry activities. The key players (mentioned in this report including others) of this market are DuPont-Solae (U.S.), ADM Inc. (U.S.), Solbar Ltd (Israel), Cargill Inc. (U.S.), Scoular Company (U.S.), Linyi Shansong Biologicals Products Co. Ltd (China), and Shadong Sinoglory Group Co. Ltd (China).

Scope of the report
This research report categorizes the global market for soy protein ingredients; forecasting the market volume and revenue and analyzing trends in each of the submarkets. The market has been segmented on the basis of applications, types, and geography.

On the basis of applications:
The soy protein ingredients market is segmented on the basis of food applications, such as:
- Bakery and confectionary
- Meat alternatives
- Functional foods
- Dairy replacers
- Infant foods
Each application is further described in detail in the report with the volume and revenue forecasted.

On the basis of product type:
- Soy protein isolates
- Soy protein concentrates
- Soy flour markets
The subsegments are described in terms of revenue and volumes; with forecasted revenue and volumes as well.

On the basis of geography:
- North America
- Europe
- Asia-Pacific
The segments are further sub-segmented on the basis of the key countries in every region.

Major points of table of content:
8 Company Profiles 192
(Overview, Products And Services, Financials, Strategy & Development)*
8.1 Archer Daniels Midland Company 192
8.2 Cargill Incorporated 196
8.3 Chs Inc. 200
8.4 Devansoy Inc. 204
8.5 Finnsoy 207
8.6 Foodchem International Corporation 209
8.7 Gushen Biological Technology Group Co. Ltd 212
8.8 Harvest Innovations 215
8.9 Kerry Group Plc 219
8.10 Linyi Shansong Biological Products Co. Ltd 223
8.11 The Nisshin Oillio Group Ltd 227
8.12 Ruchi Soya Industries Ltd 229
8.13 Sakthi Sugars Ltd 232
8.14 The Scoular Company 234
8.15 Sinoglory 237
8.16 Sojaprotein 240
8.17 Solae Llc 243
8.18 Sonic Biochem Extractions Ltd 251
8.19 Unitechem Co. Ltd 255
8.20 Vaessen-Schoemaker Chemische Industrie B.V. 258
8.21 Vippy Industries Ltd 260
8.22 World Food Processing 262

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