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Monday, 25 November 2013

Grocery Retail Market in Central Europe - Latest Report

The report “Grocery Retail in Central Europe 2013″ by PMR is now available at Contact with Grocery Retail in Central Europe 2013 In subject line and your contact details to purchase this report or get your questions answered.

The collection of ‘Grocery Store’ market research reports has a new addition of “Grocery Retail in Central Europe 2013” on .Keep up with changes in Central Europe’s grocery retail sector. Report delivers forecasts, analysis of opportunities and expected development to 2015.
Retail market conditions in the Central European countries of Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia change often, primarily because the market is in the process of consolidation and fierce competition forces market players to constant innovation. Although economic conditions have influenced consumer spending in recent years, there is still a vast potential for businesses involved in food manufacturing, processing, retailer supply and transport and logistics to succeed in grocery retail in Central Europe.

Many professionals navigate the market using Grocery retail in Poland 2013, Market analysis and development forecasts for 2013-2015. This comprehensive resource of business information helps making sense of the latest legislative developments and market trends while offering solid statistical data and forecasts that are crucial to informed decision making in the current economic climate.

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This specialized publication, prepared by market experts with years of experience in analyzing grocery retail market segments in Central Europe, contains data describing the size, value and growth potential of the grocery retail markets in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. The report pays special attention to the size and structure of the market’s distribution network, offering forecasts on the expected development of major channels.

The report supplies facts and analysis on the competitive environment of Central European grocery retail presented in detailed profiles that include store count totals for chains, overview of the assortment, with special focus on private labels, distribution and logistics practices and information on recent and planned investment trends. Readers may learn about new market entries and strategic business responses to new consumer trends.

Macroeconomic and demographic data is provided for each of the six countries covered in this report, along with applicable analysis of the effects of current conditions on the market as well as forecasts for the direction and extent of market expansion. Changes in the legal and regulatory environment, such as changes of the tax system, or antitrust procedures are also discussed, along with their influence on market growth potential.

 Complete report Spread Across [326 Pages] is available @ . Read more on Grocery Retail in Central Europe 2013” report below.

Grocery retail in Poland 2013, Development forecasts for 2013-2015 utilizes the results of consumer surveys conducted by PMR Research and focused on shopping preferences and spending habits, interviews with industry decision makers, and other reliable sources of information to create a complete market guide that is helpful when calculating forecasts, researching the competition, estimating product demand and comparing the viability of logistics strategies.

This report is particularly valuable in performing corporate self-evaluation in terms of market position and share. Satisfied clients have included food manufacturers and processers, businesses offering grocery retail support and business consulting and analysis professionals. Government and academic organizations routinely avail themselves of PMR market information, as do trade and industry leaders, chambers of commerce and those interested in promotion of the grocery retail industry throughout Central Europe.

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