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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

2017 World Tires Industry

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World demand to rise 4.3% annually through 2017

World demand for tires is forecast to rise 4.3 percent per year to 2.9 billion units in 2017. In value terms, sales of tires are projected to increase 7.9 percent annually to $276 billion in 2017. Global growth in the tire market will continue to be led by developing countries in the Asia/Pacific region, particularly China and India. Worldwide demand for tires will also be supported by improved economic conditions in advanced countries in Western Europe and North America, but gains in these regions will continue to trail the global average.

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Asia/Pacific region to claim two-thirds of total growth

The Asia/Pacific region will be responsible for the bulk of global tire demand gains, accounting for two-thirds of total growth through 2017. China is the largest market for tires in the world, representing 25 percent of global demand in 2012. Growth in demand for tires in China will not be able to match the especially rapid gains posted over the 2007-2012 period, as expansion of both motor vehicle production and motor vehicle usage will decelerate. However, the market for tires in China will continue to be among the fastest growing in the world. Other major national markets for tires in the Asia/Pacific region include Japan and India, which ranked as the worlds third and fourth largest, respectively, in 2012.

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Gains in North America, Western Europe to lag

The markets for tires in North America and Western Europe will show improvement relative to the 2007-2012 periods, but gains will remain below two percent per annum in both regions through 2017. Stronger economic environments will result in advancements in both new vehicle production and vehicle usage, supporting growth in demand for tires. However, slow population growth and mature rates of personal motor vehicle usage will serve to constrain market gains. 

Table of Contents

Overview 31
General 31
Regional Overview 32
Demand 32
Production 37
Production Capacity 39
International Trade 41
Demand by Market 43
Light Vehicle 45
OEM 48
Replacement 48
Medium & Heavy Vehicle 49
OEM 51
Replacement 51
Motorcycle 52
Industrial & Other 55
IV. North America 57
General 57
Tire Supply & Demand 58
Tire Market Outlook 61
Tire Production Capacity 62
United States 64
Canada 74
Mexico 79
V. Western Europe 86
General 86
Tire Supply & Demand 87
Tire Market Outlook 91
Tire Production Capacity 92
France 94
Germany 101
Italy 108
Netherlands 115
Spain 120
United Kingdom 127
Other Western Europe 133
VI. Asia/Pacific 140
General 140
Tire Supply & Demand 141
Tire Market Outlook 145
Tire Production Capacity 147
Australia 149
China 154
India 165
Indonesia 174
Japan 181
Malaysia 188
South Korea 195
Taiwan 202
Thailand 210
Vietnam 218
Other Asia/Pacific 224
VII. Other Regions 233
Central & South America 233
General 233
Tire Supply & Demand 234
Tire Market Outlook 237
Tire Production Capacity 238
Brazil 240
Other Central & South America 247
Eastern Europe 256
General 256
Tire Supply & Demand 257
Tire Market Outlook 260
Tire Production Capacity 262
Czech Republic 263
Poland 270
Russia 276
Other Eastern Europe 283
Africa/Mideast 291
General 291
Tire Supply & Demand 292
Tire Market Outlook 295
Tire Production Capacity 296
Iran 297
South Africa 304
Turkey 311
Other Africa/Mideast 318

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