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Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Geotextiles Industry & Advanced Phase Change Material (PCM) Market Trends to 2018

The report “Geotextiles Market by Types (Woven, Nonwoven, Knitted), Materials (Polypropylene, Polyester, Polyethylene) & Applications (Road Industry, Pavement Repair, Erosion Control, Waste Containment, Railroad Stabilization) – Global Trends & Forecasts To 2017″ & “Advanced Phase Change Material (PCM) Market By Type (Inorganic, Organic & Bio-Based) & Application (Building & Construction, Cold Storage, HVAC, Textile, Thermal Energy Storage, Electronics) – Global Trends & Forecast To 2018” by MarketsandMarkets is now available at .
Geotextiles Market Trends & Forecasts To 2017
Within the regional market, Asia dominates the global geotextile industry. It is estimated to reach $2.5 billion by 2017. The growth of Asian market is expected to be highest among all regions. North American region is the second largest market of geotextiles and is estimated to reach a value of $1.7 billion by 2017.
Nonwoven geotextile is the major market segment for global geotextiles industry followed by woven geotextiles. These two types of products cover a major portion of the global geotextiles market with most of the market players involved in manufacturing and supplying of these product types. Some of the major manufacturers developing these product types include TenCate, NAUE, Huesker Synthetic, Fiberweb, and Propex. Knitted geotextiles form a small part of the global geotextiles industry.
The geotextiles market report gives a competitive scenario between the major players by evaluating the objectives of their different developments namely Mergers and acquisitions, Partnerships and agreements, New products launch, and Expansions. This gives a holistic view about the long term plans of the key market players in geotextile industry. Furthermore, the report also profile these companies in order to provide elaborative information such as company overview, financials, products and services, developments and strategies these companies are adopting in order to mark their presence in the market.
The report has also segment the global geotextiles market with respect to different regions which include Asia, North America, Europe, and ROW. The Asian geotextiles market is expected to have the largest demand for geotextiles in the coming few years with China leading the regional claim. The large scale infrastructural projects in the Asian region have led to drastic rise in the geotextiles need. The European and North American markets are also huge in terms of volume and are having moderate growth rate when compared to the Asian continent.
Advanced Phase Change Material (PCM) Market Trends & Forecast To 2018
The global PCM market is estimated to grow from $460 million in 2013 to $1,150 million by 2018, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20.1% for the same period. Reducing price of PCM and R&D for novel materials will create new opportunities and will drive the market in future.
Leading players of this industry are also profiled with their recent developments and other strategic industry activities. Most of the companies in PCM market have specific set of products and accordingly target specific set of applications. Key participants in the global phase change material (PCM) market include U.S. based Sonoco Products Co., Cryopak, DuPont, Entropy Solutions Inc., Microtek Labs, Micron Technology Inc., Phase Change Energy Solutions, UK based Phase Change Material Products, Laird PLC, Datum Phase Change, the Netherlands based Advansa B.V., Salca B.V., India based PCM Energy, and Pluss Polymers Pvt. Ltd, etc.
Energy saving, environment friendliness, and wide range of applications are the main growth driver for PCM market. It offers applications across building & construction, HVAC, textile, fixed refrigeration, cold chain, thermal energy storage, electronics, and more. Building & construction has the largest PCM market followed by HVAC.
Highest growth is observed in Europe where most of the companies have been already established. North America is another market where number of major players exists. Growing PCM applications, high cost of energy, and regulations imposed by the government are attracting the companies. Europe will remain largest market in terms of both volume and value by 2018.
This report studies and forecasts the PCM market till 2018. It identifies the factors which are currently driving its demand and also focuses on market restraints. For this report, developments by 26 players were studied to identify current market trends and strategies followed by top manufacturers. The market is segmented and forecasted for major all major regions. Market estimations have been provided in terms of market revenue ($) and consumption volume (metric ton). In terms of revenue, global as well as regional markets have been segmented by applications such as building and construction, fixed refrigeration, HVAC etc. This report also analyzes various types of PCM and their split in the above regions in terms of revenue and volume consumption.
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