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Thursday, 12 February 2015

Social Media Research Report next step in the Evolution

Social networks have become a major force in our lives and, for an increasing number of consumers, represent a preferred channel to communications service providers (CSPs). Furthermore, social media is becoming a valuable way for CSPs to communicate with tech-savvy customers.
This Strategy Report:

-          analyses CSPs’ use of social media in mainstream customer care systems
-          recommends that CSPs integrate Facebook and Twitter into multi-channel customer care architecture
-          provides recommendations to vendors and CSPs as to which social media platforms have been successfully integrated into the customer care process
-          describes the systems architecture that has been deployed
-          Speculates about the next step in the evolution of the use of social media in customer care operations.

Company coverage

-          Amdocs
-          AsiaInfo-Linkage
-          DiGi Telecommunications
-          Huawei Technologies
-          Oracle
-          Redknee
-          T-Mobile
-          SAP

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