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Monday, 25 March 2013

2013-2017 China Cleaning Service Industry Analysis Report

Cleaning service is derived from New York in the United States, from the office cleaning in the beginning to high-rise cleaning, home cleaning, shopping malls cleaning and some other civilian cleaning service.

According to incomplete statistics, China currently has hundreds of thousands of cleaning engineering companies, of which more than 1,500 in Shanghai, more than 1,200 in Guangzhou, more than 1,000 in Beijing, more than 700 in Shenzhen, more than 600 in Xi’an, more than 400 in Lanzhou (not including vehicle cleaning and household cleaning industry). The number of employee in cleaning service industry has reached about 10 million; cleaning service has been among the forefront of China’s top ten service industry.

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The range of cleaning service in China has extended from single boiler cleaning to petroleum, chemical, power, machinery, coal, nuclear industry, shipbuilding, transportation, food, textile, public facilities, municipal buildings, etc. Cleaning agent is developed from simple acid alkali to multi-function, low pollution and high efficiency green cleaning agents; cleaning equipment is developed from towel, pail, pumps and simple cleaning machine to state-of-the-art, efficient high-pressure water injection equipment, ultrasonic cleaning equipment, PIG pipe cleaning equipment, ultraviolet-ozone cleaning device, laser cleaner, cleaning robots and automatic multi-purpose cleaning platform.

The broad market demand is also promoting the industry to develop toward the direction of diversification and specialization, especially in the field of industrial cleaning many new opportunities showed up; precision and ultra-precision industrial cleaning area will show a continued and rapid development trend. In 2012, the potential demand in civil and industrial cleaning market reached to CNY 420 billion; the market potential is huge.

Table Of Contents

1. Cleaning Service Overview in China
1.1 Definition of Cleaning Service
1.2 Cycle Analysis of Cleaning Service Industry
1.2.1 Industry Development Cycle
1.2.2 Maturity Analysis on Segment Industry

2. Development Status of Foreign Cleaning Service Market
2.1 The Global Cleaning Service Market
2.2 Market Situation in Main Countries

3. Environment Analysis on Cleaning Service Industry
3.1 China's Economic Development Environment
3.1.1 Economic Development Status
3.1.2 GDP
3.1.3 Fixed Asset Investment
3.1.4 Total Import and Export Amount and Growth Rate
3.2 Industry Related Policy and Standard
3.2.1 Related Policy and Standard in Foreign Countries
3.2.2 Related Policy and Standard in China
3.3 Technological Environment
3.3.1 Development Status Quo of the International Cleaning Technology
3.3.2 Development Status Quo of Cleaning Technology in China

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