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Friday, 22 March 2013

Central Europe Non public hospitals Market Industry to 2013

Growth in the market for non-public hospitals in the Central European countries of Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia has been curtailed, to a degree, by lack of ability to spend large amounts on private healthcare in these six countries. Populations more commonly use public healthcare systems, but the affluent are increasingly turning to private hospitals in order to take advantage of faster service and higher quality care.

Changes in the field of healthcare, combined with advancing economies, have prepared the private sector for potential growth that was unexpected until recently. Non-public hospitals market in Central Europe 2013, Comparative analysis and development prospects is an insightful document from PMR that analyses the central market issues and predicts opportunities created by developments over the next few years.

This report, prepared by experienced analysts monitoring the market, presents detailed analyses of the conditions and expectations for non-public hospitals in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. It covers major hospital transformations from public to private ownership, examines obstacles and prospects, and describes in detail the consequences of upcoming legislative changes on market growth and expansion.

The publication delivers concrete statistics that describe the market and its scope, including: total bed numbers for the region’s largest private hospitals, number of transformations, newly-built non-public hospitals, funding and investment sources for non-public hospitals, details of contracts between third-party payers and private hospitals and corporate profiles of the most well-known non-public hospitals that explore operational and revenue strategies. All of this information is provided as it applies to each of the six countries covered by the report.

Readers will benefit from guidance in areas such as: the best locations for new non-public hospitals in CE, insight on the financial structures of large and successful hospitals, CE countries where privatisation is a more lengthy process, legislation and its specific impacts on the market, upcoming openings of new facilities and financial status of the current markets in each country. This one-of-a-kind publication combines market analysis, data and expert forecasts to create an indispensible business tool for use by professionals engaged in monitoring or actively participating in the non-public hospital sector in Central Europe.

The information contained in Non-public hospitals market in Central Europe 2013, Comparative analysis and development prospects is particularly useful for companies involved in the establishment or transformation of new private medical facilities, or expanding on an existing framework of hospitals in order to accommodate more patients and/or additional services. It can help financial and investment firms to evaluate and plan transactions, and aid governmental and research institutions in achieving a clear understanding of this unique market and its potential for growth in the coming years.

Table of Content

Methodology p. 11
Executive summary p. 15
Overview of the non-public hospital market in CE p. 19
Growth prospects for non-public hospital market in CE p. 27
Overview of the non-public hospital market in Central Europe p. 35
Growth prospects for the non-public hospitals sector in Central Europe p. 95
Funding of non-public hospitals p. 131
Profiles of selected non-public hospitals/hospital groups operating in Central Europe p. 139
List of graphs p. 179
List of tables p. 181
About PMR p. 185

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