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Thursday, 18 July 2013

Advanced Batteries Market – Size, Regulations, Competitive Landscape and Pricing Analysis to 2020

“Advanced Batteries – Global Market Size, Regulations, Competitive Landscape and Pricing Analysis to 2020″ is the latest report from industry analysis specialist This report offering comprehensive information on the global advanced battery market. The report provides clear, detailed insight into the global advanced battery market. It explains the key drivers and challenges impacting the market, and also provides data regarding the historic (2008-2012) and forecast (2013-2020) market sizes for advanced batteries globally. It also includes regional analysis of the historic and forecast market size for advanced batteries; and market segmentation based on three broad application segments – cellphones, other consumer electronics, and electric vehicles. These sections also include the latest policy developments in the key countries of the US, the UK, Germany, China, Japan, and India. The report is built using data and information sourced from proprietary databases, primary and secondary research.
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The successful commercialization and increased adoption of Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) and Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) will spark dramatic growth in the global advanced battery market in the near future. The report forecasts global advanced battery market revenue to surge from $19.9 billion in 2012 to a massive $60.5 billion by 2020, with batteries produced specifically for electric vehicles accounting for 73% of the total.

China is a Leading Producer and Consumer of Advanced Batteries – China is currently the largest consumer of advanced batteries. This is due, in part, to the huge consumer electronics sales in the country, driven by its large, growing population and the growing levels of expendable income among the populace. China also has significant and growing EV sales, which has led to a billion-dollar market for advanced batteries each year since 2008.

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China is also one of the most important manufacturing hubs for advanced batteries. Several Chinese companies are pioneers in manufacturing advanced batteries. Besides this, several international players have set up manufacturing facilities in China through partnerships or joint ventures in order to take advantage of the low labor cost and also to capture the regional demand in China and neighboring countries.

Table Of Contents
2 Introduction to Energy Storage Devices 10
2.1 Types of Energy Storage Devices 10
2.1.1 Mechanical 11
2.1.2 Electrical 11
2.1.3 Thermal 12
2.1.4 Electrochemical 12
2.2 Types of Electrochemical Devices 13
2.2.1 Flow Batteries 13
2.2.2 Fuel Cells 13
2.2.3 Electrical Batteries 14
2.3 Technology Analysis of Advanced Batteries 15
2.3.1 Characteristics of Advanced Batteries 15
2.3.2 Lithium-ion Batteries 16
2.3.3 Nickel-based Battery 18
2.4 New Technologies in Advanced Batteries 20
2.4.1 Smart Nano Technology 20
2.4.2 SILX Technology 21
2.5 Advanced Battery – Applications 23
2.5.1 Consumer Applications 23
2.5.2 Automotive Applications 23
2.5.3 Military and Aerospace Applications 24
2.5.4 Medical Applications 25
2.6 GlobalData Report Guidance 26

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