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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

China Succinic Acid Market Production 5th Edition Report at

The report Production and Market of Succinic Acid in China - 5th Edition by CCM International is now available at Contact with report name in subject line and your contact details to purchase this report or get your questions answered.

Succinic acid is a kind of basic chemical that is well-accepted in China and many other countries and regions across the world. Currently, the supply volume of succinic acid in China is sufficient and about 15% of succinic acid is exported every year. Though the succinic acid has been applied in many fields, the consumption volume in each field is small and the growth rate of the demand for succinic acid in these fields is relatively low.

In fact, succinic acid has a wider application range than before. For example, it can be applied as raw materials of several chemicals, including 1, 4-butanediol (BDO), alkyd resin, PBS, etc. However, due to the high price of succinic acid made from oil-based raw material, the application of succinic acid in these products has always been restricted. The report outlines the current situation of succinic acid market, including information related to production, producers, raw material, consumption, etc.

When it comes to PBS, it has been a hotspot since 2008 and has been regarded as the most important growth point in the succinic acid market. In this report, CCM will disclose PBS’s actual situation, which may be different from what you have already known. Moreover, CCM will predict PBS’s future market and show you its impacts on the succinic acid market.

Regarding the production technology of succinic acid, biological fermentation method has attracted much attention from the industry players for a long time. After years of development, the biological fermentation technology has become more mature. In the report, CCM will elaborate the real application situation of this technology.

In the report, all the information is unfolded with the following highlights:
- Production situation of succinic acid in China, 2008-2013
- Overview of pricing and quotation of succinic acid, 2008-2013
- Raw material of succinic acid
- Import & Export analysis, 2008-2012
- Consumption situation of succinic acid
- Introduction to the production technology of succinic acid
- Forecast about supply and demand, 2013-2018
- Profiles of succinic acid producers in China

Executive summary
China is an important succinic acid producer in the world with a total capacity of XXXX t/a as of July 2013. In 2012, the output of succinic acid in China increased to XXXX tonnes from XXXX tonnes in 2008, with a CAGR of about XXXX. In the next few years, both the capacity and output of succinic acid will increase rapidly because of the fast increasing demand from the production of PBS.
At present there are XXXX active succinic acid producers and one idle producer who has been in idle situation since 2010. More and more enterprises will enter succinic acid market in the next few years for its bright prospects.

As of July 2013, all of the XXXX active succinic acid producers to produce succinic acid by chemical pathway. XXXX of them adopt electrochemical reduction method and others adopt hydrogenation method. The technology of chemical pathway in China is mature and the quality of succinic acid produced in this way is good.

The production technology of biological pathway will realize its industrial production in around Sept. 2013 in China, and it will be a general trend for succinic acid production in the future attributed to its environmental-protection and production-cost advantages. However, the technology of biological pathway is immature in China at present which has affected the advantage of production-cost.

Import and export
As a net succinic acid exporter, China exported about XXXX of its succinic acid in 2012. The export quantity of succinic acid in China increased from XXXX tonnes in 2008 to XXXX tonnes in 2012, with a CAGR of about XXXX, thanks to the economic recovery and development in the past three years. The export volume of succinic acid will keep increasing in the next few years.

The apparent consumption of succinic acid has increased from XXXX tonnes in 2008 to XXXX tonnes in 2012, with a CAGR of about XXXX in the past five years. Succinic acid is mainly applied in food, pharmaceutical, agricultural and other industries. Food industry has been the fastest growing consumption fields of succinic acid in the past five years and will also be one of the growth points in the coming few years. Meanwhile polybutylene succinate (PBS) will be the largest highlight growth point among the downstream products.

With the expansion of PBS market, the consumption structure will change much in the next few years and PBS may become the largest succinic acid consumer.

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Major points of table of content

7 Profile 44 
7-1 Current active producers in China 44
7-1-1 Anhui Sunsing Chemicals Co., Ltd. 44
7-1-2 Shandong Feiyang Chemical Co., Ltd. 45
7-1-3 Anhui Anqing Hexing Chemical Co., Ltd. 47
7-1-4 Shanghai Shenren Fine Chemical Co., Ltd 49
7-1-5 Jiangsu Kunshan Waychein Food Industry Co., Ltd. 50
7-1-6 Jiangsu Danyang Xianqiao Coating Co., Ltd. 52
7-1-7 Anhui Tongling Lide Chemical Co., Ltd. 53
7-1-8 Shaanxi Baoji Baoyu Chemical Co., Ltd. 54
7-1-9 Shandong Yantai Shanshui Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. 56
7-1-10 Shaanxi Weinan Huifeng Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. 57
7-1-11 Shanghai Nanxiang Reagent Co., Ltd. 58 USD 130
7-1-12 Jiangsu Yancheng Huayang Chemical Co., Ltd. 60
7-2 Idle producers 61
7-2-1 Jiangsu Changzhou Shuguang Chemical Factory 61

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