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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

New Study: Thermoplastic Elastomers Market 2017 at

The report World Thermoplastic Elastomers to 2017 by Freedonia Group is now available at Contact with report name in subject line and your contact details to purchase this report or get your questions answered. 

This study analyzes the world TPE industry. It presents historical demand data (2002, 2007, 2012) and forecasts for 2017 and 2022 by market (e.g., motor vehicles, consumer goods, roofing and asphalt, adhesives, sealants and coatings, industrial products), product (e.g., styrenic block copolymers, thermoplastic polyolefins, polyolefin elastomers, thermoplastic polyurethanes, thermoplastic vulcanizates), world region, and major country. The study also considers market environment factors, evaluates company market share, and profiles industry players.

Global TPE demand to rise 5.5% yearly through 2017
Worldwide demand for thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) is forecast to rise 5.5 percent per annum to 5.8 million metric tons in 2017. Advances will be driven by ongoing product innovation on the part of TPE manufacturers, allowing these materials to further displace traditional elastomers and thermoplastics in a variety of applications. In addition, TPE demand will benefit from the ongoing push to reduce motor vehicle weight, particularly as automotive fuel economy standards worldwide become more stringent. Healthy growth will also be fueled by an improved economic outlook in developed regions such as North America and Western Europe, while gains in emerging markets will benefit from further adoption of TPEs over competing materials.

Demand in the Asia / Pacific region to remain dominant
The Asia/Pacific region will continue to be the largest market for TPEs through 2017, rising at an above average pace to account for nearly half of global demand in 2017. China, the world’s largest consumer of TPEs in volume terms, will continue to see strong annual growth in demand. Regional gains will also benefit from robust expansion in India and Southeast Asia, although continued sluggishness in the sizable Japanese market will limit growth. TPE demand in North America and Western Europe will exhibit substantial improvement compared to the recession-plagued 2007-2012 period. Over the long term, however, these regions are expected to account for an increasingly smaller share of global TPE demand. Other world regions will enjoy above-average gains in demand through 2017, particularly the Africa/ Mideast region, where current TPE consumption per capita is the lowest worldwide.

POEs, TPVs to exhibit most rapid gains
Styrenic block copolymers (SBCs) will remain the leading TPE product type through 2017. However, SBC demand will rise at a below average pace compared to TPEs overall, limited by a high degree of market saturation in many large volume applications. The fastest growth is expected for polyolefin elastomers (POEs), a relatively new TPE product class that is gaining rapid acceptance as a performance additive for plastics and packaging adhesives. Strong gains are also forecast for thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPVs), which are penetrating new applications in motor vehicle, consumer, and medical product markets. A resurgent motor vehicle industry will spur demand for thermoplastic polyolefins (TPOs), although advances will be restrained by maturity in applications such as auto- motive bumper fascia.

Motor vehicles to remain leading market for TPEs
Motor vehicles account for the largest portion of the world TPE market, with one-third of total demand in 2012. Gains will be fueled by an improvement in the TPE-intensity of automotive industries in North America and Western Europe, as well as increased TPE usage in emerging markets. The most rapid growth will be seen in the asphalt and roofing market, driven by a rebound in developing world construction spending. The adhesive/ sealant/coatings market will also see good growth, as TPEs continue to displace other resins in adhesive formulations.

Company Profiles
Profiles 40 global industry players such as Bayer, Dow Chemical, DuPont, ExxonMobil, Kraton Polymers, LCY Chemical, Lubrizol, LyondellBasell, and Sinopec

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Major points of table of content

Ix. Industry Structure  249
General   249
Market Share  253
Technology & Manufacturing 257
Technology  258
Manufacturing  259
Competitive Strategies  260
Acquisitions & Divestitures 262
Cooperative Agreements  265
Marketing & Distribution 270
Marketing  270
Distribution  272
Company Profiles  273
Advanced Composites, See Mitsui Chemicals
Alphagary, See Mexichem
Arkema Sa  274
Asahi Kasei Corporation 276
Basf Se  278
Bayer Ag  281
Berkshire Hathaway Incorporated   285
Celanese Corporation  288
Chi Mei Corporation  290
China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation  291
Comtrex, See Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings
Dexco Polymers, See Tsrc
Dic Bayer Polymer, See Bayer
Dow Chemical Company  292
Dow Corning Corporation 295
Dupont (Ei) De Nemours 296
Dynasol Elastomeros, See Repsol
Ems-Chemie Holding Ag 298
En Chuan Chemical Industries Company Limited  300
Eni Spa  301
Epurex Films, See Bayer
Equistar Chemicals, See Lyondellbasell Industries
Exxon Mobil Corporation 303
Gls Thermoplastic Elastomers, See Polyone
Huntsman Corporation  306
Japan Polypropylene, See Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings
Keyuan Petrochemicals Incorporated   308
Korea Kumho Petrochemical Company Limited  309
Kraiburg Holding Gmbh & Company Kg   310
Kraton Performance Polymers Incorporated  313
Kuraray Company Limited 316
Lcy Chemical Corporation 318
Lg Chem Limited  319
Lubrizol, See Berkshire Hathaway
Lyondellbasell Industries Nv 321
Merquinsa Mercados Quimicos, See Berkshire Hathaway
Mexichem Sab De Cv  324
Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation  326
Mitsui Chemicals Incorporated   330
Multibase, See Dow Corning
Polimeri Europa, See Eni
Polyone Corporation  332
Repsol Sa  338
Royal Dsm Nv  340
Schulman (A.) Incorporated 342
Shandong Dawn Polymer Company Limited  344
Sibur Holding Cjsc  345
Sinopec, See China Petroleum & Chemical
So.F.Ter Spa  346
Spartech, See Polyone
Styrolution Group, See Basf
Sumitomo Chemical Company Limited   349
Sunprene Thailand, See Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings
Teknor Apex Company  350
Ticona, See Celanese
Tsrc Corporation  353
Versalis, See Eni
Wanhua Chemical Group Company Limited  356
Zeon Corporation  358
Other Companies Mentioned In Study   360

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