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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

New Study: China Wine Market Trend Forecast & 2013 Analysis

The report Analysis and Development Trend Forecast of China Wine Market, 2013 by Huidian Research is now available at Contact with report name in subject line and your contact details to purchase this report or get your questions answered.

Analysis and Development Trend Forecast of China Wine Market, 2013 mainly includes the following contents:

First of all, it overviews the global wine’s development in 2012 and makes the analysis and forecast of the future development trends;

Then, it makes the in-depth analysis of the development of China’s wine industry, which involves the market scale, strict controlling over the influences of the consumption of public funds on three major private purposes (namely cars, banquets and overseas visits), business performance of leading enterprises, channel analysis, consumption structure and other aspects;

Once again, it makes the specific analysis of China’s wine industry’s existing problems, industrial competitive structure, imports & exports and the development of major enterprises;

Finally, it makes the professional analysis of the future development of China’s win industry, which can offer the decisive references to the investment in the field.

Huidian Research points out that China’s wine industry has begun to step into the structural adjustment since 2012 with the large numbers of products from the major wine-producing countries into the Chinese market, the changes of consumption environment and main consumer structure. The market competition will evolve from the domestic enterprise competition into the global competition, as well as from enterprise individual competition into the full-industrial chain competition.

But in the long run, with the improvement of people’s income levels, more and more consumer will pursue the healthy and fashionable life style, which would expand the demand for the high-quality wine, so that China’s wine industry has broad development space. Under the circumstances of the long-term co-existence of opportunities and challenges, the enterprises will be the final winners which have the strong brand influence, powerful marketing capability, grasp consumer demand timely, as well as provide the high cost performance products. These winners will restructure the new pattern of China’s wine market in the future.

Major Points of Table of content

7. Major Enterprises of Wine 
7.1 Changyu Pioneer Wine Company Limited Yantai China
7.1.1 Company Profile
7.1.2 Main Business Performance
7.1.3 Financial Indicators
7.1.4 Core Competitiveness
7.1.5 Future Development Planning and Business Plan, 2013
7.2 China Foods Limited (Parent Company of China Great Wall Wine Co., Ltd.)
7.2.1 Company Profile
7.2.2 Operating State
7.2.3 Internal Management Structure Reforms, 2012
7.3 Sino-French Joint Venture Dynasty Winery Ltd.
7.3.1 Company Profile
7.3.2 Operating State
7.4 Tonghua Grape Wine Co., Ltd.
7.4.1 Company Profile
7.4.2 Operating State
7.4.3 Main Business Composition
7.5 CITIC Guoan Wine Co., Ltd.
7.5.1 Company Profile
7.5.2 Operating State, 2012
7.5.3 Main Business Composition
7.5.4 Competitive Advantages
7.6 Gansu Mogao Industrial Development Co., Ltd.
7.6.1 Company Profile
7.6.2 Operating State
7.6.3 Main Business Indicators
7.6.4 Main Business Composition
7.7 China Tontine Wine Group Limited
7.7.1 Company Profile
7.7.2 Operating State
7.7.3 Future Expanding Strategy

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